Man facing strangulation, assault charges after attacking pregnant woman

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Reinaldo I. Serrano

LANCASTER, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A man is facing a glut of charges after attacking a six-weeks pregnant woman and attempting to resist arrest.

Reinaldo Serrano is facing strangulation, simple assault, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest charges among others.

On June 3 at approximately, 9:10 p.m., police responded to the 300 block of Pershing Ave for a reported domestic dispute.

The victim told police that Serrano put his hands around her neck and began to choke her while saying, “I’m gonna make you gasp for air.” The victim displayed scrapes and swelling on the right side of her neck, after Serrano attempted to strangle her three times during the incident. The victim’s brother had to intervene in the assault.

Serrano proceeded to throw a purse at the victim’s head before knocking her to the ground and attempting to wipe her face in vomit. Serrano then kicked the victim twice in the stomach, despite the fact that she is six-weeks pregnant with his baby.

Officers located Serrano in the second floor bathroom of the house, and he attempted to shut the door on officers. At one point, an Serrano shut the door on an officer’s left arm before it was forced open by other officers.

Police had to force Serrano to the floor to bring him into custody.

Now, Serrano is facing charges.