EMS and PA State Police urge you to take extra precautions in the heat

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MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It was a hot one Sunday, and temperatures are expected to rise over the next few days.

People across the area are finding ways to stay cool, but officials urge you to take extra precautions when it's this hot outside.

Kids were playing baseball at Cousler Park in Manchester Township, York County. With that fun came the sun, and the heat, but that's not stopping them.

Chad Bohannon, coach of Manchester Township's 12-and-under team, said, "We stay hydrated. So kids bring a lot of water, spend a lot of times taking breaks, drinking water."

Bohannon said, it's also important to not stay out in the heat for too long.

"We make sure the kids that are not up to bat are staying in the shade, staying cool. And we also limit time, so today we would normally do a two-hour practice, so today we're down to one hour," he said.

Cumberland Goodwill EMS officials said with these temperatures, people should be especially aware of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Nathan Harig, the assistant chief for Cumberland Goodwill EMS, said, "Their altered mental status, they've stopped sweating, they're really red. They're seconds away from death at that point. It's a medical emergency. You need to call 911 in that instance. There's no sweat and it's hot outside. That can be life threatening."

Authorities said you also should be mindful of kids and pets in hot cars.

State Police Trooper Brent Miller said, "So make sure to not leave anybody unattended: that's animals or people inside a vehicle."

Harig said, "If you don't lock your car and it's in the driveway, kids might be using that as a fort. School's out, so they might be playing around inside of it hide-and-seek. They can get locked in there and it can be tragic for everyone."