Three people charged for getting busy on a roof in Lancaster County

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WARWICK TWP., Lancaster County, Pa. — Three people are facing disorderly conduct charges for engaging in sex acts on the roof of a building in Warwick Twp. It happened Saturday morning, June 12th. Someone called in a complaint to Northern Lancaster County Regional Police.

Summons for disorderly conduct were filed to:

–  Amanda Howley, age 24, of 3600 block of Main Street Birdsboro, PA

–  Joel T. Beger, of the 300 block of Drummers Court, Wayne, PA

–  Kevin Venbrux, age 26, of 2000 block of Main Street Lititz, PA

The witness told police that three people were on the roof of an adjacent building engaged in sexual activity. Patrol officers investigating the incident met with the accused, who admitted that they were getting freaky, but they thought that their position was private, and out of sight.

Subjects were charged with disorderly conduct, for the creation of physically offensive conditions.