A few Wednesday storms, higher storm chances late week

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A FEW THUNDERSTORMS WEDNESDAY: The chance we see thunderstorms throughout the afternoon is low, but if they do develop they will have the opportunity to go severe with the humidity and warm temperatures in our area. A few may last until the early morning, as they will pop-up and dissipate quickly. Highs are cooler tomorrow in the mid-80s under otherwise partly cloudy skies. Winds will be light out of the southeast at 5-10MPH with gusts to 15MPH.

Thunderstorm chances increase as the weekend begins.

MORE ON THE WAY: Better thunderstorm chances come Friday and into the weekend. We’re keeping an eye on Friday for another severe threat, though the threat is very low at this time. Shower and thunderstorm chances persist into Sunday and Monday morning before we see drying conditions heading into next Tuesday.

Temperatures drop a little before it’s back to the 90s!

COOLER, THEN WARMER: Temperatures drop into the 80s tomorrow and continue into the low-80s for Friday under mostly cloudy skies. They rebound heading into the weekend with highs around the 90-degree mark to finish the weekend.

Have a great one!

-Meteorologist Bradon Long