Police say careless shooters fired into John Herr Park

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MANOR TWP., Lancaster County, Pa. — Several people playing frisbee golf in John Herr Park had their game disrupted by gunfire. It happened on Saturday, May 20th around 2:40 p.m.

The victims told police that while they were playing, stray bullets were flying over their heads.  After briefly speaking to the victims, the responding police officer, Sergeant Kim Geyer, heard shooting coming from the west side of the park. The officer went in the direction of the shooting and could still hear rapid gunfire and saw clouds of dust come up from a field west of the park.  Another officer, Tom Moser, arrived on the scene and as they were trying to figure out where the gunfire was coming from, they heard bullets a whiz past them.

Both officers left the area and located the shooters in the 500 block of Donerville Road. There were eight males shooting east with handguns at a target.  The bullets that did not hit the target were going into the field east of the target as well as into the park.  Through investigation, Sergeant Geyer charged one juvenile and seven adult males with eight counts of recklessly endangering another person.  Sergeant Geyer had six victims that were playing Frisbee golf in the park when the shooting was taking place as well as herself and Officer Moser.  The males involved in the shooting were identified as:  Dustin Hornberger, 21, of Lancaster, Kyle Erisman, 22, of Lancaster, Jeffrey Weaver, 22, of Lancaster, Zachary Hulse, 23, of Paradise, Wesley Weaver, 18, of New Holland, Jay Musser III, 21, of Lancaster, and Austin Corwell, 22, of New Providence.