Crews work to clear debris from roads in York County after storm

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WARRINGTON TWP., Pa. - Crews worked for several hours Monday afternoon to clear debris from area roadways after a powerful storm passed through central Pennsylvania.

There were numerous reports of downed power lines and toppled trees on the roads of Warrington Township, where crews went street to street to remove the damage left behind by the storm.

Residents say they are thankful the storm was not any worse.

"You could hear the rain like a good ways away and it came so fast," Beverly Hull, a township resident, said.

Hull lives across the street from the Eichelberger family, which rode out the storm in their basement.

"I kind of just heard this really weird sound up the chimney from our basement," Alyssa Eichelberger, a mother of two, said. "It was kind of like a roaring sound and then we came up and saw there was a tree on the line."

Her kids were very smart about the whole thing, she said.

"I just heard this alert that said tornado alert, and then I just ran downstairs and then I heard the thunderstorm and I was like 'Just run downstairs,'" Evy Eichelberger, Alyssa's young daughter, said.

Most residents came home to a mess on their neighborhood roadways, they said.

"It scared me," Oliver Crawford, a township resident, said. "I was at work about two miles from here and it's like 'Okay, I see it coming,' and my boss said 'You can go home if you want,' because I had to come home and get my generator and it's like trees are everywhere."