Northern Lancaster County Regional police investigating 2 access device fraud incidents

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PENN AND WARWICK TOWNSHIPS, Lancaster County — Two county residents reported separate incidents of attempted access device fraud to Northern Lancaster County Regional Police this week.

In the first incident, a Penn Township resident reported the theft of personal identifiers and the unauthorized access of her credit card at various locations, with purchases made in the Philippines. Police believe the access device data may have been obtained through the use of a card skimming device.

In the second incident, a Warwick Township resident reported unauthorized access of his bank account from an ATM location in Philadelphia. There were two attempts made on the account; the first resulted in the loss of $300, while the second attempt resulted in a denial of access to the account.

Police are still investigating both incidents. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department at (717) 233-0965 or by visiting the agency’s webpage.