York attorney bikes 170 miles to help people fighting cancer

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Hershey, Pa. -- A York attorney is helping save lives in Hershey one bicycle ride at a time.

Craig Milsten rode alongside hundreds of other riders Saturday for the American Cancer Society's Pennsylvania "Hope Ride".

The 170 mile long ride takes about two days from Hershey to Kutztown.

The goal is to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society's hope lodges and additional patient programs.

Milsten says after losing his friend and co-worker, he wanted to do all he could to give back.

"I've put them all on the back of my jersey to remember that as you're going through something, no matter how hard it gets, its easy to remember all those people and everything that so many people go through," said Craig Milsten, rider and fundraiser.

All money raised will go towards the American Cancer Society, which providesĀ an estimated 15,500 free nights between the two Hope Lodges annually for patients traveling to receive cancer treatment.