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Thomas’ adds new Blueberry Pancake flavor to its swirl bread line

HORSHAM, Montgomery County — If you love Blueberry Pancakes, will you love Blueberry Swirl Bread?

The Thomas’ brand sure hopes so.

The Horsham-based company announced the introduction of a new, limited-edition flavor to its Swirl Bread line on Monday — Blueberry Pancake Swirl Bread, which will be available on grocery store shelves through September with a suggested retail price of $3.99.


With hints of rich, pancake flavor highlighted by a delicious blueberry swirl running throughout each bite, the new Blueberry Pancake Swirl Bread features the bright, fresh flavors of the season, Thomas’ said in a press release.

Thomas’ signature Swirl Bread line lets fans bring a swirl of flavor into their favorite recipes, and from brunch staples to sweet desserts made with the freshest berries, fans can now customize their Swirl Bread creations in a tasty new way this summer.

“Blueberry pancakes are a nostalgic favorite for consumers and represent two of the most quintessential, all-American flavors,” said Thomas’ senior director of marketing Richard Link. “We set out to bring fans the ultimate breakfast experience by ‘swirling’ this classic breakfast into our Swirl Bread line — creating a new offering that’s perfect for summer and can be enjoyed as a delicious breakfast, afternoon snack or sweet ending to the day.”