PA Pump Primers demonstrate fire apparatus along the Susquehanna Riverfront

HARRISBURG, Pa.-- Antique fire trucks lined up along the Susquehanna Riverfront in Harrisburg on Saturday for a unique event.

The trucks pumped water from the river to show visitors how they operate. Organizers were on hand to help folks use the hoses themselves as well.

It's part of the 42nd Annual Muster along the Riverfront, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Pump Primers Association, a group dedicated to maintaining and improving antique fire vehicles.

Some of the members are current or retired firefighters who want to keep the tradition of fire service alive.

"The motive for most of our members that own their own trucks, is preserving the history of the fire service," said Ken Graham, President of the Pennsylvania Pump Primers Association.

More than 100 fire trucks were used in Saturday's Muster event.