Kittens hit the yoga mats at York County SPCA

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MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, York County, Pa. -- There was no Downward Dog at Saturday's kitten yoga class in Manchester Township, York County.

Instead, a room with 18 adorable and ready to adopt kittens at the SPCA in York County claimed their "territory" and made some new human friends on the mat.

Evolution Power Yoga Instructor, Stephanie Ellis, who partnered with the animal shelter back in March, says the kitten yoga class idea came from two of her favorite things.

"So I had the idea to blend two of my passions -- a love of animals, and a love of yoga," said Stephanie Ellis, Evolution Power Yoga instructor.

During the 45-minute class, you could find some kittens rolling on mats, while others pounced, played....and took naps.

"Yoga people tend to take really seriously, so this is a really neat opportunity for people to kind of get out of that and have some fun," said Ellis.

But besides the "zen" experienced by both the cats and humans, the best part of the program is animals finding forever homes.

"He was the first little guy to walked over to me, and kind of hung out the whole time, and then towards the end towards savasana he fell asleep towards my head," said Erin Levine, yoga attendee. "I think before the class even started I looked at the one woman and said...I'm going to need some adoption papers for this guy because he's just so cute!," she added.

It's that undeniable bond between yogis and the cats that leaves event organizers at the SPCA humbled.

"It's perfect to know there are people that enjoy the class, want to come back, and are taking an animal home with's just all your work finally pays off," said Hannah Beard, community outreach coordinator for the SPCA of York County.

The next kitten yoga class with Evolution Power Yoga at the York County SPCA is scheduled for Saturday, August 26th.