Community leader creates poster for York: “Silence equals violence. Start snitching.”

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YORK, Pa. -- Some say not enough people in York are telling police what they really know about crimes in the city.

Now, one neighbor is behind the message that's creating dialogue in the city - in hopes of making York safer.

This is the message that's being shared on social media. It reads, "Silence equals violence. Start snitching. It's a matter of life and death." Some neighbors we spoke with here have heard about it, and they hope it encourages people to speak up if they know something about a crime.

"Our cars are getting shot up. Our kids can't go to the store without getting shot," said Yukisha Hudson of York.

Hudson is talking about violence in York after two recent shootings, involving two innocent bystanders, according to police.

"How is this even happening, you know?" said John Beck of York.

Neighbors like Beck believe people are afraid to come forward with information on crimes in the city.

"They're scared there's going to be some kind of retaliation against them," said Beck.

"If you turn someone in, this could be your friend's child, or someone you knew when you were 2-year-olds, so it's more personal, so you just say nothing," said Justin Whitecamp of York.

Silence is what Beck believes leads to violence, which is why he created the poster. Whitecamp agrees with the message.

"It's sort of the culture of hiding problems or helping people that are causing problems.. is a problem," said Whitecamp.

Grace Russel of York says there should be communication across cultures; that would help minimize the violence.

"Race is race, but you shouldn't be racial because you live in a town that everybody lives in," said Russel.

Hudson agrees.

"There's unity in diversity, we don't have to look alike to come together," added Hudson.

York City Police Chief Wes Kahley told FOX 43 a conversation needs to continue within the community to make it safer, and, "It is about the 99% deciding they will no longer allow the 1% to destroy their neighborhoods."

"In reality, people have to want to be a part of the solution," said Whitecamp.

"People have to come together and take back the community. We have to take it back," said Hudson.

York City Police continue to request that people speak out. You can even send an anonymous text message if you have information:

  •  Text “YORKTIPS” and your message to 847411 (tip411).
  •  York City Police Department may reply to you message asking for additional information.
  • Text “STOP” to end the dialogue.