Ex-beau charged with stalking, breaking into Lancaster woman’s home

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Jonathan Wolf

LANCASTER, AP. — A Ronks man is accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home and sending her texts and pictures from inside her home.
The victim told police that over the course of the day Saturday, July 8th, Jonathan Wolf, 39, of Ronks, had been harassing her over the termination of a relationship. The victim showed police numerous text messages sent by Wolf, including pictures of Wolf inside the victim’s home with the victim’s dog. Wolf had never resided with the victim at her home and was not permitted to be there.

The victim told police that prior to their arrival at the station, she and her current boyfriend returned to her home on Tennyson Drive, and Wolf drove in behind the victims in her driveway, blocking them from behind.

Due to the threatening nature of the earlier texts sent by Wolf, the victim drove away from her home through a neighbor’s yard. Wolf followed the victims in his vehicle, followed them closely, pulled up parallel to them and attempted to cut them off by blocking the roadway in front of them with his vehicle. The victims were able to elude Wolf and went to the station to make the report.

Wolf is charged with Burglary, Stalking and two counts of Recklessly Endangering Another Person. A warrant was issued for Wolf’s arrest. He was not located that night.

Then on Sunday night, police were called to the victim’s home on Tennyson Dr. The victims reported Wolf was outside the home and was banging on the windows. While police were en-route, Wolf forced entry into the home through a window. Wolf attempted to take the phone away from the victim and grabbed her hand several times.

Officers arrived at the home and made entry. Wolf was placed under arrest. Neither victim reported injuries as a result of Wolf’s entry to the home. Wolf was transported to the station to be served with the warrant and processed for a new criminal complaint. Police filed an additional complaint against Wolf, charging him with Burglary, Harassment and Stalking.

Wolf was later arraigned on both complaints and committed to LCP in lieu of $40,000 bail.