Police: Adults passed out, high on K2 while child roams near Conestoga River

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SAFE HARBOR PARK, Lancaster County, Pa — A Lancaster couple faces child endangerment charges after police found a 4 year-old boy walking around the Safe Harbor Park with no supervision. It happened on July 4th around 1:45 p.m. A concerned citizen noticed the boy walking between a parked car and the Conestoga River and called 911 when they found two adults passed out in a nearby parked vehicle. Arriving Police Officers found both people in the vehicle clearly under the influence of an unknown subject.

Both were drowsy and sluggish with slurred speech and were unable to follow simple directions. Police say Hector L. Rivera-Vasquez, 40, and Yaritza E. Toro-Colon, 28, both admitted to having smoked “K2” or synthetic marijuana. The child was a relative of one of the adults. He was taken into police custody and later released to a family member. The vehicle the subjects were in was found to have an incorrect registration plate and lacked insurance. Rivera-Vasquez and Yaritza E. Toro-Colon were arraigned before District Justice Keller and released on $50,000 bail.
Rivera-Vasquez is charged with : 1 count Endangering The Welfare of Children (misdemeanor 1), 1 count of Public Drunkeness and similar misconduct (summary), 1 count of Unauthorized Transfer of Registration Plate (summary) and 1 count of Required Financial Responsibility (summary).
Toro-Colon is charged with: 1 count of Endangering The Welfare Of Children (Misdemeanor 1) and 1 count of Public Drunkeness and similar misconduct (summary).