Construction worker injured as vacant house collapses in Susquehanna Township

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.--A construction worker was taken to Hershey Medical Center Wednesday evening after a vacant house the crew was working on collapsed in Susquehanna Township.

A 25-year-old worker was pinned down by his head and chest after the collapse but was freed by firefighters.

Susquehanna Township Fire Chief George Drees said, "They heard it cracking, they heard it start to fail, they started running, and he wasn't quick enough."

Officials said the house on the 2400-block of Oxford Avenue had been condemned for the last 10 years.

Drees said, "They did have a permit. However, at this point in time we're not sure any of the inspections associated with the permit had been conducted."

Helen Lester, who lives across the street, saw the incident firsthand.

She said, "We were sitting here on the porch and we heard a bang, and when I looked across the street the roof was coming down and the fellas was running from under it."

It is unclear what the owner will do now with the property.

Drees said, "Just an open field. It's up to the contractor and the owner as far as if they're actually going to start from scratch and build a house here. But this house is destroyed."

The fire chief said Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and a Codes Officer will be conducting an investigation.