Hot and humid this week

Look at all of those 90s!

HOT WEATHER:  Temperatures climb to 90 on Monday.  Then, we stay at or near 90s through Friday.  Then, when you factor in the humidity, which goes up on Monday, it will feel well into the 90s every day through Friday.  Then, we get a small break from the really hot weather on Saturday.  Look for more seasonal highs in the mid 80s.  Next Sunday, we’re back at 90.

MORE THUNDERSTORMS: When the humidity goes up, it’s easy to get afternoon thunderstorms.  On Monday and Tuesday, a few spots will get an afternoon thunderstorm.  If you happen to get one of the storms, particularly on Monday, you’ll get a brief burst of heavy rain and gusty winds.  We stay dry all day on Wednesday, but we will get some more afternoon thunderstorms on Thursday and Saturday.  Like Monday and Tuesday, they’ll also be hit or miss.

You’ll need the umbrella a few days this week.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson