Annual ‘Walk To Remember’ in Lancaster remembers lost children

LANCASTER, Pa. -- The 14th Annual 'Walk To Remember' celebrated life Sunday at Park City Center in Lancaster.

The event honors those who have lost a child and helps to keep their memory alive.

Participants walked 1.5 miles through the mall wearing their children's names on shirts, hats and butterfly pins in remembrance.

Event organizer LaVon Harnish says the event helps people to connect in a special way and go through emotional healing.

"At first, you just cry...I mean, you just cry...and this is a place you can cry," said LaVon Harnish, event organizer. "Everybody understands, and a lot of people in your families and people you meet don't understand because they've never gone through it...and these people have," she added.

More than 250 people joined the walk in support.