After more than a month, the last of a trio of missing lizards is bailed out of the Newville Police Department

NEWVILLE, Cumberland County — After more than a month, the last of three wayward lizards found near the Newville Borough Police Station has been returned home.

On June 12, the Newville Police Department posted photos of three lost lizards that turned up near its station, asking followers for help in identifying their species and in returning them to their rightful owners.

A reader in the comments quickly pointed out that the lizard in question was a chuckwalla, a harmless lizard native to the United States.

The next day, the Newville PD posted pictures of the two other missing lizards, which were also chuckwallas.

The second lizard was claimed later that month.

Finally, the third lizard was returned to its rightful owner on Monday, Newville police reported.

Who doesn’t love a story with a happy ending?