Poll: Should kids who are not up-to-date on vaccines be able to attend school?

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A change in state immunization requirements will leave some children unable to attend school in the coming days.

All school-age children must receive the required immunizations or must be excluded from school after the fifth day of the new year.

One Lancaster County school has a higher number of students who will be excluded than originally anticipated.

On their Facebook Page, Donegal School District posted this message yesterday:

By now, everyone should be aware that there was a change in the state immunization requirements. These changes have been mailed/emailed/posted/called home about several times over the past year.
Now that school has begun, we have hit a critical point. Any student who has not received the required immunizations or has not provided the school with a physician’s plan to receive the required immunizations, must be excluded from school after the 5th day. This means that any student without immunizations or the physician’s plan may not come to school beginning Wednesday, September 6. If your child participates in athletics or extra-curricular groups, he/she may not participate in those either.
Even though we have communicated this numerous times in mass and with personal communications, the number of students who may be excluded is higher than we had hoped it would be. We are asking everyone to please ask your friends and neighbors if their child has received the required immunizations. We want to avoid excluding any children as a result of these changes. Thank you so much for your help!

By this message, it is clear that there are a fair number of children who will be excluded from attending school on September 6.

Our question is, should kids who are not up-to-date on vaccines be able to attend school?