State senators discuss possibly eliminating school property tax in Pa.

KINZERS, Pa. -- State senators held a public forum in Lancaster County Wednesday night to discuss what to do about the school property tax system in Pennsylvania.

That meeting was held at Pequea Velley High School in Kinzers. Lawmakers discussed proposed bills to improve the system, that could possibly reform or eliminate school property taxes altogheter.

One of the bill that would eliminate school property taxes would increase personal income tax and sales tax.

State Senator Dave Argall said, "The way that we fund public schools today is an outmoded, archaic, I think unconstitutional 1834 model. I tell everyone there has to be a better way to fund public schools than the crazy way we do it today."

Argall said there will be a vote this fall on a constitutional amendment that he said would be a step toward eliminating school property tax.