Much cooler, near washout weather to start Labor Day Weekend

We’re much cooler to start Labor Day Weekend!

FINISHING THE WEEK: After Thursday evening’s cool front, temperatures drop a lot for Friday and Saturday. We stay dry and mostly sunny for the majority of Friday, but highs don’t leave the mid-60s with morning lows in the 40s.  We could see a few showers later in the early evening hours, but most of the area stays dry with partly cloudy skies.

Off-and-on shower chances all day Saturday with cloudy skies.

STARTING LABOR DAY WEEKEND: Showers increase starting Saturday morning with a gloomy forecast for the first day of Labor Day Weekend. Highs stay in the 60s with overcast skies and off-and-on light rain all day long. Your plans for most of Saturday should probably be inside. We won’t see a large rain total, but we’ll stay cool and cloudy all day long. It’ll be time to bring out the light jackets!

Labor Day looks gorgeous!

WE DON’T STAY GLOOMY: By the time you head to Sunday, you can put the jackets back up. The last two-thirds of Labor Day Weekend look great for outdoor activity. A few showers may linger Sunday morning, but clouds will clear a little bit, allowing sunshine to warm us to the mid-to-upper 70s. Labor Day Monday makes it to the 80s with mostly sunny skies!

Have a great evening!

-Meteorologist Bradon Long