Food vendors at York Fair explain why they keep coming back for more

WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Day two of the York Fair is now in the books! Thousands came out to enjoy everything from food to carnival fun.

And not only does the fair bring in visitors, it also brings in dozens of food vendors, who sell everything from stuffed pretzels to whoopie pies.

Kyle Beaver, a manager for Uncle Paul's Stuffed Pretzels, said, "I think it has to do with the niche of our product honestly because you get a lot of the same stuff at fairs, and this is a little different."

For Uncle Paul's, this is their sixth year at the fair. They've been to all kinds of venues to sell their prized pretzels.

Beaver said, "It just doesn't draw the kind of crowd that the York Fair does."

For other vendors, they only sell these baked goods at the fair. The people that sell these specialties said they're not slowing down.

Megan McDonald, with Food and Beverage Consulting Group, said, "Friday night was the busiest that we've had since we've been here for four years."

Part of what they make goes back to the York Fair.

Beaver said, "It's actually a percentage. So we're actually paying out to the fair depending on how much money we make, as all the vendors do. And then we pay for square footage for location."

But they still manage to make a profit.

McDonald said, "We wouldn't do it otherwise because it is a lot of work, but you know it works out well for us and that's why we return."

They also return to see those York fairgoers.

Beaver said, "It's something that we put a lot of effort into, and I think people really reciprocate with that. We have people that travel two or three hours just to come get our pretzels."

McDonald said, "You see the same people every year, and it's really nice as a young company to have people start to make you a tradition."