Dreamwrights to perform Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

YORK COUNTY, Pa.-- The Dreamwrights' Center for Community Arts is gearing up for another show!

Later this month, the Center will host the play Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Today, Shelley Seifarth (Madame de La Grande Bouche), Brandon Flemmens (Lumiere), Christina Wilkowski (Mrs. Potts), Logan Dill (Cogsworth), and Kenna Harper (Chip) are stopping by the set of FOX43 Morning News to offer a glimpse of the performance.

The play will be performed on the following dates and times later this month:

October 6, 7, 13, 14, 20 & 21 – 6:30 pm

October 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 & 22 – 2:30 pm

The next show the center will be hosting is "It's a Wonderful Life." Auditions will be held on October 10 and 11 and will be double casted.

There are parts not only for adults, but children as young as age 7.

For more information on the play. upcoming plays and the Dreamwrights' Center for Community Arts, you can visit their site here.