Pennsylvania Fire Commissioner resigns

Tim Solobay (November 2017)

HARRISBURG, Pa.– Pennsylvania’s Fire Commissioner has resigned, according to Governor Tom Wolf’s office.

According to Pennlive, Tim Solobay’s abrupt resignation came after a sexual harassment allegation surfaced during his prior service as a state senator.

Pennlive reports a woman who worked for Solobay when he was in the Senate filed a sexual harassment complaint against him in 2011.

Wolf’s administration said Solobay submitted his resignation but gave no other information in a brief statement. Spokesman J.J. Abbott said Monday that he had no additional details about Solobay’s departure and “cannot comment further on specific details of a personnel matter. ”

Solbay, 61,  a Democrat from Washington County, was a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and a member of the Pennsylvania State Senate before being named state Fire Commissioner in 2015.