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  • Tracking a wintry mix for Monday morning

    COLD WEATHER CONTINUES:  Highs only make it to the mid 40s, today, under partly sunny skies.  Around sunset, which is just shy of 5 P.M. these days, we’ll get pretty cloudy. WINTER WEATHER: Sunday evening’s clouds come ahead of a piece of energy that will bring us some snow, freezing rain, and rain Sunday night into Monday morning.  Here’s what you need to know: The snow, freezing rain, and rain crosses over us from west to east between 4 and 9 […]

  • The National Weather Service wants to warn you about snow squalls

    LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, Clearfield County, Pa. FOX43’s Winter Weather Awareness Week continues… According to the National Weather Service, snow squalls cause the most weather-related fatalities on roads in Pennsylvania. Snow squalls are so dangerous because they happen in a flash. They surprise drivers because the weather will look nice–even sunny, and then, all of the sudden, snow appears and causes white-out conditions. These heavy bursts of snow often don’t last long, only about 15 to 45 minutes, and they only cause […]

  • Lots of rain is on the way

    WET WEATHER: After a partly sunny Saturday with highs in the upper 60s, we’ll get a rain-cooled high of mid 50s on Sunday.  You’ll also notice the breezes on Saturday and the gusty winds on Sunday and Monday.  As for the rain, the showers start popping up after 7 P.M. on Saturday.  The scattered showers become steady rain later Saturday night.  The rain will also be heavy at times.  We’ll have a lot of rain on Sunday throughout the day.  It’s a […]

  • Welcome back sunny skies

    SUNNY WEATHER: After a rainy start on our Tuesday, we earned that sunny afternoon!  We’ll even keep the skies partly sunny on Wednesday.  Now, you will see a cloudy morning on Thursday, but the sun returns late in the afternoon.  On Friday and Saturday, we’ll have sunny skies all day. COLDER WEATHER: After a week in the 70s, we drop to a high of only 60 on Wednesday.  Because the high is just 60, we spend most of the day in the […]

  • Showers start our week

    WET WEATHER: We kept the sunny skies for as long as we could: 7 days to be exact.  Now, we’ve got cloudy skies.  The clouds come with a few spotty showers this afternoon and evening.  Then, tonight, it gets pretty wet.  We’ll have steadier, and at times, heavier, rain.  The rain will end from west to east during the Tuesday morning commute.  By late Tuesday morning, everyone is dry. SUN & CLOUDS: The sun comes back out Tuesday afternoon, and we even start out sunny on Wednesday.  Yet, we […]

  • Tracking a wet start to the work week

    WET WEATHER: We kept the sunny skies for as long as we could: 7 days to be exact.  Now, we start off the work week with cloudy skies.  The breaks of sun don’t last long Monday morning.  The overcast settles in quickly, and we’ll get a few showers in the afternoon.  The showers will be very light.  Then, after midnight, it gets pretty wet.  We’ll have steadier, and at times, heavier, showers for the second half of Monday nigh and for […]

  • Sunny skies start the week

    SUNNY SKIES: Enjoy sunny skies and highs in the mid 70s as we start off the week.  On Monday, we’ll have highs in the upper 70s.  Though, you’ll also notice more clouds in the sky in the afternoon. RAINY WEATHER: You’ll see more clouds because we get scattered showers Monday night.  The rain will be heavy at times, and we’ll still have rain for the Tuesday morning commute.  The showers end later Tuesday morning, and with luck, we’ll see breaks of […]

  • Sunny skies continue all weekend

    SUNNY SKIES: Enjoy sunny skies and highs in the mid 70s this weekend.  On Monday, we’ll have a few more clouds in the sky, but we’ll still call it partly sunny, and we’ll have highs in the upper 70s. RAINY WEATHER: Showers arrive Monday night, and we get a rainy Tuesday.  The showers end overnight Tuesday.  The clouds and showers on Tuesday keep our highs in the 60s. DRY WEATHER: Even though you’ll see sun in the sky Wednesday morning, […]

  • Warmer weather this weekend

    WARMER WEATHER:  Even though the average high is in the 60s, we don’t stay there for the weekend.  We get the mid 60s today because of the clouds, and tomorrow we get the mid 70s tomorrow thanks to some afternoon sun.  Warm winds coming up from the south take our highs to the 80s on Sunday. WET WEATHER: Today, we’ll have a few showers, mainly in the evening.  Otherwise, we spend most of the day dry and just cloudy.  After a […]