Central Pennsylvania is home. This is where I grew up; went to school; attended college, and eventually returned to start a family. After working at several TV stations around the country I returned to Central Pennsylvania when FOX43 News debuted in 1994. I currently anchor the weekday 4pm, 5pm and 10pm newscasts. I graduated from Shippensburg University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. After graduation I worked for TV stations WOAY in West Virginia; WFMZ in Allentown; WPBF in Florida; WHP in Harrisburg; and KMOV in St. Louis. I love broadcasting and journalism. From the Space Shuttle program in Florida, to the Berlin Wall coming down in Germany, to covering Presidential candidates, I’ve had the great fortune of reporting really exciting news events over the past 30 years. I’ve been lucky enough to win a number of journalism awards, including Emmy awards and nominations. Shippensburg University’s Communications/Journalism Department also named me the Outstanding Alumnus Award for professional achievement.

Away from work I can’t sit still. Any chance I get you’ll find me on the back roads and highways on my Harley. I’ve been riding since the age of 16. It’s my passion. I enjoy golf. Golf doesn’t enjoy me. The Eagle Scout in me still comes through with my love of camping, backpacking and hiking in the great outdoors. Each year you’ll find the Forrester clan camping or hiking in the woods in some beautiful location. My personal life is largely defined by my beautiful wife and two teenage children. We’re constantly on the go from one activity to the next!

I try to give back to the community as much as possible through participation in many charitable events. I also serve on a number executive boards including: Executive Board of the New Birth of Freedom Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Executive Board of America’s 9/11 Foundation. The advisory board of both Shippensburg University’s College of Arts and Sciences and Communications/Journalism Department.

Chat with me on twitter @EvanFOX43 or Facebook.com/evanforresterfox43

Recent Articles
  • ‘Ask Evan’ What’s the status of the bill to start school after Labor Day?

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question deals with the start of the new school year.  Jenny B asks, “Is the bill to move the start of the school year to after Labor Day going to be passed, or any update on it?” These days most PA school districts begin the new school year during the third week of August– and virtually none after Labor Day. There has been an effort for several years to change that. State Rep Bob Godshall of […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’ How did the Americans with Disabilities Act begin?

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question deals with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Stephen S. asks, “What is the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act and how did it get started? I know it was started in 1990 and I’m just trying to figure out the background of it since I’m physically disabled with cerebral palsy.” The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA for short became law in 1990. The ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against […]

  • Ask Evan: PennDOT Driver Testing Center issues

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question come from Ruth.  She asks, “Why is the DMV so backed up?  My daughter wanted to schedule a driver test and the first available dates were six and seven months away.  She has to drive to Lewistown to get a date a month away.  All closer centers have heavy wait dates.  Why Evan?” I checked with my sources at PennDOT to get an answer. Yes, back-ups are indeed six months out depending on the popularity […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’ Diabetic Test Strips

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question comes from Vicki L.  She asks, “Evan, I’ve recently noticed a few signs along the roads in York County advertising that someone or a company is looking to buy diabetic testing strips.  What’s the deal on that?” Vicki, I’ve located one of those signs you mentioned. It indeed claims that someone is buying diabetic testing strips. A Baltimore telephone area code is on the sign.  I gave the number a call and a woman who […]

  • Ask Evan: Property Taxes in Pennsylvania

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ segment question from John H from Myerstown.  He asks, “When are we Pennsylvanians going to get a break with our property taxes?  There’s been discussion about this for years, but no action.  Is there anything on the horizon?” We just aired a short story on our newscasts about this very subject on Tuesday.  The school property tax has been a primary source for school funding since the 1830’s. However, some lawmakers in Harrisburg say it’s archaic […]

  • Behind the scenes: Live fire training at Fort Indiantown Gap

    Fort Indiantown Gap, Lebanon County, Pa.– During the warm weather months, people in Lebanon County can often hear loud explosions.  It’s live fire training exercises at Fort Indiantown Gap.  National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers from around the country spend several weeks at the Lebanon County training grounds learning how to fire high powered artillery weapons.  About 130 thousand soldiers train at the facility annually.  While much of the live firing happens during the warmer weather months, training does take […]

  • Ask Evan: Who is responsible for planting plastic tubes along a creek, and when are they expected to be uncovered?

    It’s time for this week’s ask Evan segment where you ask the questions and I get you answers. This week’s question deals with trees in Lancaster County. Traci M asks, “On Milton Grove Road in Mount Joy there are hundreds of plastic tubes standing up straight along a creek bank. The tubes have been there for almost a year. Friends are saying they are trees. Who is responsible for planting them and more importantly when are they expected to be […]

  • Ask Evan: “Can you tell me why the women who anchor FOX43, why they have to wear so much makeup?”

    Bev S sent me an email asking in part, ‘My dearest Evan, perhaps you can tell me why the women who anchor FOX43, meaning Amy, Melanie, Jackie and most of all Ali, why, why they have to wear so much makeup? I mean really, their eyelashes look so phony and ridiculous that I can`t stand looking at them. I have to listen to them from another room.” Well Bev, the short answer is, they want to look good! Everybody wants […]

  • Life as a Navy Pilot

    Strike fighter squad 32 is one of the aviation groups assigned to the USS Dwight D Eisenhower aircraft carrier just back from a seven month deployment. Lt. Dan Macmillan call sign “Cena” is a fighter pilot from Pennsylvania whose been flying F/A-18F Superhornets for about two years. “It’s been very awesome! Dream of mine since I was a child. Obviously to go fast!” During the recent deployment aboard the Ike Macmillan flew plenty of missions over enemy territory. “The missions […]