Central Pennsylvania is where I grew up, attended college, and eventually returned to start a family. After working at several TV stations around the country I returned to Central Pennsylvania when FOX43 News debuted in 1994. I currently anchor the weekday 4pm, 5pm and 10pm newscasts. I graduated from Shippensburg University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. After graduation I worked for TV stations in West Virginia, Allentown Pennsylvania, West Palm Beach Florida, and St. Louis Missouri. From the Space Shuttle program in Florida, to the Berlin Wall coming down in Germany, I’ve had the great fortune of reporting exciting news events over the past 30 years. I’ve been fortunate to earn a number of journalism awards, including several Emmy awards and nominations. Shippensburg University’s Communications/Journalism Department also named me the Outstanding Alumnus Award for professional achievement.

Away from work, chances are you’ll find me on the back roads and highways on my Harley-Davidson. I’ve been riding since the age of 16. I also enjoy golf. Golf doesn’t enjoy me. The Eagle Scout in me still comes through with my love of camping, backpacking and hiking in the great outdoors. Each year you’ll find the Forrester clan camping or hiking in the woods of some beautiful location. My personal life is largely defined by my beautiful wife and two children.

I give back to the community as much as possible through participation in many charitable events. I serve on a number executive boards including: The Executive Board of the New Birth of Freedom Council of the Boy Scouts of America; The Executive Board of America’s 9/11 Foundation; The advisory board of both Shippensburg University’s College of Arts and Sciences and Communications/Journalism Department.

Chat with me on twitter @EvanFOX43 or Facebook.com/evanforresterfox43

Recent Articles
  • ‘Ask Evan’: Why are pictures taken at every E-ZPass tool booth?

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question comes from Ryann W.  She asks, “Why is the turnpike taking photos of drivers when going through the E-ZPass toll? It happened twice recently to my husband.” I talked with PA Turnpike Commission Spokesman Carl Defebo.  He tells me photographs are taken of each and every vehicle that goes through the E-ZPass lanes– specifically pictures are taken of the license plate.  Then in real-time, the plate information is compared to the E-ZPass customer database. If […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: How are right on red light decisions made?

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question deals with red lights.  Jackie D asks, “How is it decided when you are allowed to turn right on red and when you are not?  Who makes those decisions and how are they made? PennDOT makes those decisions and I’m told there are a lot of engineering details  behind the decisions.  PennDOT follows something call MUTCD, which are federal guidelines on traffic control devices. Two good examples of when drivers aren’t allowed to turn right on red […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: What’s the deal with the Lancaster County reassessments?

    This week’ ‘Ask Evan’ question comes from Sara H in Lancaster County.  Sara asks, “Can you find out where and how Lancaster County came up with the huge increases in its 2018 reassessments?  Our increase was another $24,000.  A lot of people would be interested?” Lancaster County officials say the reason for the change in assessment is due to a countywide reassessment. These are done incrementally to set property assessments at a fair market value. That way the tax base is fair and is based on current market conditions. The new reassessment that you were notified of is effective for 2018 […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: What are those colored detours signs for?

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question comes from Paul S.  He asks, “I’ve noticed those colored detour signs around the region. Some are blue, or other colors. What exactly are they for?” According to PennDOT those signs are primarily posted near the exits of major highways. They come in four colors – blue, red, green and orange.  Essentially the purpose of them is to help get people around a problem that closes a highway.  So, if a highway is closed for whatever […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: How much money did PA get in huge Powerball jackpot?

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question comes from Matt in York County.  Matt asks, “We just had that big Powerball jackpot.  A friend of mine just asked how much money from every ticket stays in PA?  I didn’t know.  Could you find out?” I reached out to the state lottery folks for answers. I was told there is no hard and fast formula for how much money comes back to the state during each game. That’s because it fluctuates based on how many […]

  • TSA confiscated items up for grabs in Harrisburg

    Boxes and boxes of confiscated items from regional airport TSA checkpoints arrive at a Harrisburg warehouse by the truckload. “Right here is where we sort the TSA items that have been voluntarily surrendered at TSA checkpoints at airports throughout the mid-atlantic region which would be Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, New Jersey and New York.” says Troy Thompson, Spokesman for the PA Department of General Services. All the items are shipped or trucked in as part of the federal surplus property program. […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: What’s the history of the York Fair?

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question deals with the annual York Fair.  Maddie J asks, “How long has the York Fair been around? I heard it’s actually the oldest one in the country. Is that true?” Yes, it’s true. The York Fair has been a long time tradition in York County . According to the York County Agricultural Society, who runs the annual fair, it is indeed America’s first fair, dating back to 1765.  In fact, America’s first fair was held […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: Is it illegal to drive with a pet on your lap?

    This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question comes from Pamela P.  She asks, “I’ve seen two different people in the last two days driving with a dog on their lap while they were driving. Is it against the law to drive this way? Seems like an accident waiting to happen.” I checked with both PennDOT and a local police chief. PennDOT says there is nothing in the law that specifically says you cannot drive with your pet in your lap. However, it […]

  • ‘Ask Evan’: Are the timing of yelllow traffic lights regulated?

      This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question deals with traffic lights.  Drew A asks, “How come the length of a yellow light isn’t regulated?  Some traffic signals, like on route 30 in Lancaster County stay yellow for quite a while, and others on the road in York County are a sneeze long?” I reached out to PennDOT for details and here’s what I’ve been told. The duration of yellow lights includes algebraic formulas and other deep details.  Way too much to […]