Jackie De Tore co-anchors FOX43 News First at 4. You can also catch her business, consumer and breaking news reports on FOX43.

Pennsylvania has been Jackie’s home for a few years. Before coming to Central PA, she was a reporter for WNEP in Scranton. Jackie covered everything from the manhunt for accused cop killer Eric Frien to breaking the biggest real estate fraud investigation in the state.

Prior to working in Pennsylvania, Jackie was an anchor/reporter in Bangor, Maine.

A Long Island, New York native, Jackie graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. During her senior year, she was ABC’s “On The Red Carpet” journalist at the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Jackie reported from the Oscar’s red carpet and interviewed stars like Meryl Streep, Tina Fey and, her personal favorite, George Clooney. (He called her great. She’s still not over it.)

When she’s not working, you can find Jackie on the couch immersed in a Netflix marathon, attempting to train her rescue dog Shea or hopelessly rooting for her favorite teams: the Mets and Jets.

A social media addict, Jackie loves connecting with viewers on Twitter and Facebook. If you have a story idea or just want to say hello, give her a follow, like or email at jdetore@fox43.com.

Recent Articles
  • FOX43 Finds Out: Smart meter controversy

    SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY — The smart meter roll out is happening across central Pennsylvania right now and several people have contacted FOX43 Finds Out to look into the issue. “We were the last people in the neighborhood. We pushed it as far as we could.” Chip Nace’s family has lived in Springettsbury Township, York County for decades. For years, their electricity was read on a mechanical meter like this one. Then, the family started getting letters in the mail […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Pet insurance: is it worth your money?

    LANCASTER, Pa — Our four-legged friends are an extension of our human family and just like us, they can rack up a pretty impressive bill when it comes to medical treatment. Veterinarian Bill Lewis sees it every day at his office, the Lincoln Highway Veterinary Clinic in Lancaster. “Knee surgery can cost anywhere between $1,500 to $2,000. Big intestinal surgery can be in the $2,000 range. C-sections can be up there,” said Lewis. In the past decade or so, pet […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: The ‘worst toys’ that are still on store shelves this season

    YORK COUNTY, Pa — Toys and the holiday season go hand in hand, But do you ever think what you’re putting in your child`s hand could be dangerous? The non-profit group World Against Toys Causing Harm, known as WATCH,  has researched and released a list of what WATCH calls its 10 worst toys every year for the past few decades. While all the toys on the list have passed certain federal and consumer regulations the director of WATCH James Swartz […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Eliminating the registration sticker saves PA money, so where is that extra cash going now?

    HARRISBURG, Pa — The sticker on your license plate that might remind you your vehicle registration is about to expire is no more. PennDOT is retiring the registration stickers starting January 1st. You’ll still have to register your vehicle and pay for it. “You’ll still be required to have current registration, you’ll still need to present your registration card to law enforcement if you’re asked to do so,” said Alexis Campbell, community relations director for PennDOT. So why say bye to […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Hatchimals manufacturer responds to disappointed parents’ complaints

    NEW HOLLAND, Lancaster County — Thomas Gunning of New Holland, Lancaster County was pretty excited on Christmas morning. The 6-year-old says this Hatchimals toy was at the top of his Christmas list. “I guess I was extra special to get this big thing,” said Gunning. Hatchimals were the hard to get toy this past holiday season. Many stores across Central Pennsylvania sold out. Alicia Gunning was lucky though, she was able to get one of the last Hatchimals at a Toys […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Over the counter drugs: worth it or a waste of money?

    YORK, York County — Coughing and sneezing are the glorious sounds of flu season. If blowing your nose and coughing your lungs out don`t seem like the best way to spend your winter, Doctor Mark Goedecker with Wellspan Medical Group says you better boost your immune system. “Eating right, your flu shot that’s definitely an immune booster, doing simple things like getting enough sleep.” All things we`ve been hearing for years. In our busy lives, it`s hard to enough sleep […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: When you should hire an accountant to help file your tax return

    YORK, York County — It`s time to search for receipts and dig out all your favorite tax paperwork. With filing season just a few days away, there`s a big decision to make – do you hire an accountant or do you tackle the numbers by yourself. That really depends on your comfort level. “If you have the time to spend to go over everything and understand everything, then you can try to handle it on your own,” said Sean Clark […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: If your information is on this website, cyber security experts say you should opt out

    HARRISBURG, Pa – If you’ve ever googled your name, it’s sometimes funny to see things from your past that will pop up. What if all that information though is on one website and could be found by one click? Andrew Hacker, a cyber security expert at Harrisburg Univerisity, says technology is pretty much there. “Seeing all that information about me in one spot at one time was very scary.” Hacker is talking about FamilyTreeNow.com, a site that claims to be […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Don’t fall for these romance scams on Valentine’s Day

    HARRISBURG — Stealing your heart and your cash. That`s what some Pennsylvania officials are worried will happen to people this valentine`s day. “Particularly when we’re lonely and vulnerable, we fall victim to a lot of things,” said Katrina Boyer, the Consumer Outreach Liaison at the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities. She says the days before February 14th is prime time for romance scammers. Think “catfishing,” when someone pretends to be someone they`re not on the internet. The department says there are […]