Jackie De Tore co-anchors FOX43 News First at 4. You can also catch her business, consumer and breaking news reports on FOX43.

Pennsylvania has been Jackie’s home for a few years. Before coming to Central PA, she was a reporter for WNEP in Scranton. Jackie covered everything from the manhunt for accused cop killer Eric Frien to breaking the biggest real estate fraud investigation in the state.

Prior to working in Pennsylvania, Jackie was an anchor/reporter in Bangor, Maine.

A Long Island, New York native, Jackie graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. During her senior year, she was ABC’s “On The Red Carpet” journalist at the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Jackie reported from the Oscar’s red carpet and interviewed stars like Meryl Streep, Tina Fey and, her personal favorite, George Clooney. (He called her great. She’s still not over it.)

When she’s not working, you can find Jackie on the couch immersed in a Netflix marathon, attempting to train her rescue dog Shea or hopelessly rooting for her favorite teams: the Mets and Jets.

A social media addict, Jackie loves connecting with viewers on Twitter and Facebook. If you have a story idea or just want to say hello, give her a follow, like or email at jdetore@fox43.com.

Recent Articles
  • FOX43 Finds Out: Data breach notification lawsuit

    HARRISBURG, Pa — Pennsylvania’s Attorney General wants people in the Commonwealth to know what their rights are in the event of a data breach. Josh Shapiro recently filed on behalf of 13,500 Uber drivers in the commonwealth involved in a data breach. “The investigation was going on and on and on, Uber was not being as cooperative as we had thought they might be in the beginning of this and we thought at lawsuit at this juncture was necessary,” said […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Stuck paying the bill for days without service

    WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa — Hundreds of people in York county lost their Verizon landline and internet service after a construction crew hit a Verizon cable earlier this year, FOX43 Finds Out if those who are impacted need to pay. Evelyn Szala is happy to have her landline working again. “I’m a caregiver here and I need that phone,” Szala said. About a month ago, Szala and several hundred other people near West Manchester Township, York County were without a […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Mattress warranty problems

    JEFFERSON, Pa — Al Groth says he had to jump through hoops in order to get his mattress warranty and he didn’t get any answers until he contacted FOX43 Finds Out. “My wife was having trouble with her back for about 3 years and the doctor indicated that maybe a firmer mattress would help.” said Groth. He bought that firmer mattress at mattress firm in Hanover and claims after three months the new mattress started to sag. Groth said, “It’s this […]

  • De Tore’s DIY: Making homemade sweet treats for your pets

    We’re making sweet treats for your pets tonight for De Tore’s DIY. Jackie De Tore and Maryann Gieman from Just Four Dogs & Cats Pet Bakery are making homemade pet treats with items you already have in your home. Recipes: Peanut butter & pumpkin (no bake):  ½ cup all natural peanut butter 1 cup pure pumpkin 2 cups old fashioned oats Mix all the ingredients together Place in refrigerator for 10 minutes Take out of fridge and roll into balls Store in fridge […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Fitness tracker tracking you

    MANHEIM, Pa — The Strava app recently made headlines for disclosing the locations of military members, but what does that mean for the average Joe? Darrell Snader of Manheim, Lancaster county uses the Strava app when he rides his bike. The app works on GPS to track time, miles and calories burned. Strava recently received some backlash after a heat map of its apps users locations was discovered. That map may have disclosed information of military members who were using […]

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Protecting yourself from tax ID theft after the Equifax data breach

    HARRISBURG, Pa — Recent data breaches, including the Equifax breach, have some people worried about tax identity theft this year. Especially because if you become a victim, there may not be a quick fix. FOX43 finds out how you can prevent crooks from filing on your behalf. When we talk about taxes, we’re typically talking about a deadline around April 15th. This year though, Mary Smith, a senior tax analyst at H&R Block says you need to file your tax […]

  • Repackaging scam discovered in Adams County

    LATIMORE TOWNSHIP, Pa —  A woman in Adams County ended up with a bunch of packages she never ordered. Police say it’s part of a scam. The woman in Latimore Township started receiving the packages at her home last week. Latimore Township Police Chief  Mike Weigand is now calling it a re-packaging scam. He considers the packages stolen items, saying all of the items inside are worth almost $50,000. They were shipped to the local woman’s house after someone hacked […]

  • De Tore’s DIY: Valentine’s Day bacon, beef jerky bouquets

    Need a last minute Valentine’s Day gift that’s not lame? De Tore’s DIY can help you out. Jackie De Tore and Harry from Olivia’s are making bacon and beef jerky bouquets for your sweetheart. Yum! Any suggestions on what we should try next? Email Jackie at Jdetore@fox43.com or send her a message on Facebook.

  • FOX43 Finds Out: Lifetime subscription issues

    MECHANICSBURG, Pa — One man paid almost $500 for what he thought was a lifetime satellite radio subscription. Only the company now says that lifetime is over. Will his subscription still be honored? FOX43 finds out. Car rides for Charles Bateman may no longer come with a soundtrack. Back in 2009, the Mechanicsburg man signed a contract with what was – XM radio. It was called a lifetime contract, a concept that seemed pretty simple to Bateman. “Lifetime meant lifetime, […]