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  • General George Washington (1732 - 1799) stands in the prow of a rowing boat crossing the Delaware to seek safety in Pennysylvania after defeat by the British.   (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

    Poll: Of the most recent US Presidents, who do you think was the best leader?

    The Center for Legislative Archives explains that George Washington’s birthday is celebrated as a federal holiday on the third Monday in February. It is one of eleven permanent holidays established by Congress. Congress has never declared a national holiday binding in all states and each state decides its own legal holidays. Pennsylvania observes Washington’s Birthday, which is also recognized as President’s Day. Born in Virginia on Feb. 11, 1731, Washington’s birthday was moved to Feb. 22, 1732 when Britain and […]

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    Harrisburg High School lockdown lifted, police clear school of rumored gun on campus

    A report of a student allegedly possessing a gun at Harrisburg High School Friday proved to be not true, Harrisburg City police reported. The high school, also known as John Harris High School, was placed on lockdown by administration after the allegation surfaced. The rumor circulating was that a student possessed a gun on school property. Harrisburg police and surrounding jurisdictions responded, conducted a partial search of the school, and investigated the allegation concerning the gun. After further investigation, and […]

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    PA Senator: Libre’s Law, anti-animal cruelty legislation, gains support, momentum

    Adams County state Sen. Richard Alloway informed a cadre of supports Friday that he’s still working to get Libre’s Law “across the finish line.” Alloway reintroduced Senate Bill 298, which ups cruelty and neglect of animals. If violators are found guilty, they would face a third-degree felony. The law would hold animal abusers accountable by making it easier to prosecute a person who knowingly mistreats, abuses or neglects an animal. It also adds a new classification for offenders who cause […]

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    Lancaster police continue investigation of four separate shooting incidents

    Lancaster City, Lancaster County — No injuries were reported, Lancaster Bureau of Police said, at four Lancaster City incidents of shots fired. There is not enough evidence to prove the incidents are related at this time, police said, however, they said they are continuing their investigation into each incident. Officers and detectives said they have identified and collected ballistic evidence in the form of spent casings and bullets. They also said they have conducted preliminary canvasses of the area and […]

  • U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis (L) speaks with members of his delegation prior to a meeting at NATO headquarters in Brussels on February 15, 2017. 
NATO allies meet new US Defence Secretary James Mattis for the first time in Brussels seeking reassurance over President Donald Trump's commitment but bracing for military spending demands. / AFP / POOL / Virginia Mayo        (Photo credit should read VIRGINIA MAYO/AFP/Getty Images)

    Poll: Should the Pentagon propose sending troops to Syria?

    Speculation that Pentagon officials could propose sending conventional ground combat troops to Syria is one of several ideas that could soon be presented to President Donald Trump. If approved, it would put troops on the ground in Syria within weeks, CNN reported. That is unlike President Barack Obama’s policies, in which he placed only Special Operations forces there, which provided training and assistance to anti-ISIS opposition groups on the ground. Obama’s administration never embraced the idea of ground combat troops, CNN […]

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    Lancaster judge orders ‘serial’ drunk driver to state prison for 4th DUI

    Lancaster City, Lancaster County — A man who hit a parked car, leading to his fourth intoxicated driving conviction, asked Lancaster City police if he hurt anyone. Dwight Padilla-Colon was recently sentenced to a 15-to-30-month prison sentence, Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office reported. A Lancaster County judge, who ordered his sentence, called the 29-year-old a “serial” intoxicated driver while being sentence on his latest DUI. Padilla-Colon pleaded guilty to DUI, driving on a DUI-related suspended license, and related counts regarding to a […]

  • (Photo by Luke Sharrett/Getty Images)

    Former HHS secretary: predicts GOP will fix Affordable Care Act not replace it

    A Pennsylvania organization is hopeful that Congressional Republicans will work toward replacing the Affordable Care Act with something a lot less comprehensive than what was passed under the former administration. President Donald Trump is working on “repealing and replacing” the mandate, which was passed during President Barack Obama’s administration. The Act was an attempt by the government to manage the sales of and execute agreements for health care insurance of individuals, and businesses. However, the cost to launch it and […]

  • WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 16:  U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference announcing Alexander Acosta as the new Labor Secretary nominee in the East Room at the White House on February 16, 2017 in Washington, DC. The announcement comes a day after Andrew Puzder withdrew his nomination.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

    President Trump announces Alexander Acosta as new Labor Secretary nominee

    President Donald Trump announced Thursday his plan to nominate Alexander Acosta to be labor secretary, telling assembled reporters on Thursday that Acosta is going to be “a tremendous secretary of labor.” The nomination comes one day after Andy Puzder, Trump’s first pick to lead the department, withdrew his nomination. Trump said that Acosta “has been through Senate confirmation three times, confirmed.” The comment was an apparent reference to his administration’s struggle to get all of their nominees through the Senate. […]

  • Donald Trump

    President Trump to announce new Labor Secretary nominee

    President Trump is scheduled to hold a news conference Thursday, and is expected to announce his new nominee for U.S. Labor Secretary. His former nominee, Andrew Puzder, CEO of the company that owns Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. fast food chains, faced fierce opposition mostly from Democrats in part related to his position on labor issues as well as the fact that he employed an undocumented immigrant housekeeper, CNN reported. Puzder withdrew Wednesday as Trump’s choice for labor secretary.