Bill Toth

Bill Toth


Bill Toth

Bio Stuff

Actually called: Bill

Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA

Family: Wife Kirsten, daughters Tatum and Reese.

Colleges: University of Pittsburgh and Johns Hopkins

Awards: I’ll take any

Golf Handicap: Can’t count that high

Nicknames: Billy G, Toothy, Ditka, Dr. Bill, Mr. Bill, Will, Jack

Central PA Resident Since: 2007

Motive For Becoming Sports Anchor: Getting to eat free press box food

Throws: Right

Bats: Right

Sport of Choice: Football

Dream Co-Anchors: My kids

Best Interview: Lebron James

Worst Interview: The one I did for ESPN “Dream Job”

Favorite Sports Flick: Remember the Titans

Favorite Athlete: Jack Ham

Favorite Restaurant: Anything that has food

Likes: Nice people

Dislikes: People that aren’t nice

The Toth Test: Sporting Clays