MaryEllen Pann

MaryEllen Pann


MaryEllen Pann

I asked many of you what you would like to know about me so hopefully the following will answer some of your questions and allow you to get to know me a bit more.

What would you do if you were not a meteorologist? I would have been a nurse.

How did you become interested in Broadcast Meteorology? Fellow meteorologists suggested it to me. I was intrigued at the challenges forecasters faced each day. So in 1997 I changed careers, went back to school to obtain my Certificate of Meteorology from Mississippi State University and landed my first TV job in Salisbury, MD at the same time. A year later I started freelancing with Fox 43, Fox45 in Baltimore, MD and WUSA in Washington D.C. I was finally given the part-time opportunity here at Fox in 1999.

Have you ever wanted to be a “storm chaser”? I would love to go storm chasing but have not had the opportunity to experience the thrill.

What is your favorite type of weather to forecast? My favorite type of weather to forecast is snow storms. In our area, it is very difficult with so many different dynamics to take into account. For example, where the rain/snow line sets up and the track of the low, determines the type of precip we get and many times we end up being right on the cusp, sometimes bringing a mix or rain to the south and snow to the north with a mix in the middle. Where the low tracks can make a big difference in who gets snow and who doesn’t.

What do you dislike about your job? Worst experience of my job is the hate mail. It is hard to hear criticism but it comes with the job. Just know I am always trying my hardest to give the best forecast possible.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work? Hobbies or interests of mine include reading; running and it use to be golf. I have a tremendous love for golf but recently had to give it up. Many don’t know this about me but I am unable to lift my right arm due to a prosthesis that was implanted in my shoulder many years ago.

What is your ideal vacation? Going to the beach surrounded by mountains.

What is your connection to Rob Lowe? We are both from Dayton, Ohio. I met him at a local pool. His dad actually introduced us and we became fast friends. Our favorite past-time was skateboarding. We kept in touch until he became a mega star!

I am big on paying it forward so I am always teaching; mentoring and helping others get into the business.

Thank you for making my job more enjoyable. I have great conversations with many of you through social media. There are quite a few weather lovers out there that make talking about weather even more fun!

Sunny Skies!

A much cooler night is ahead for the area
Feeling cooler and less humid next few days
Hot and humid with storms by afternoon
Open the windows, tonight will be cool and comfy
Showers and storms today bring cooler, less humid air tomorrow
Severe weather expected this afternoon and evening
Severe storms possible this evening