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2013 York Fair


The 2013 York Fair runs September 6 -15, 2013.

York Fair

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2013 York Fair is Over, Let the Cleanup Begin

York County

Story by: Katie Kyros

Another York Fair is in the books. The 2013 York Fair wrapped up Sunday evening, after 10 days of fun, food and games.
General Manager Gene Schenck says turnout was great this year.
While some patrons complained about hot weather and parking expenses, he says the fair is following the trend from recent years: an increasing number of people enjoying the fair on weekends and less coming in during the week.
It will take a few days to tear down and clean everything up.
“This is the best Fair we’ve had. Everything is up, the number of livestock entries is up, we have more people going to the Grandstand, we have more people riding the rides. We have more people buying more food than they ever bought before and look at the crowd, it’s fantastic,” Schenck says.
He also says the Fair has cut back on litter over the years, which will make the clean up much easier.

Governor Tom Corbett visited the York Fair  on Saturday, and he brought a big check with him.
The Governor was there to present $21,000 from the State Fair Fund.
He also presented an award for Outstanding Fair Ambassador to a long-time York Fair volunteer.
Governor Corbett says the Fair Fund is now up to $3-million. He’s been giving the money to fairs across Pennsylvania.
“This actually represents money based upon last year’s fair, and then next year we’ll be doing one based on this year’s fair. This is money the fair board can use to work on projects now and into next year,” says Gov. Corbett.
The York Fair wraps up Sunday, Sept. 15th.
In other state news, reports say the Governor will lay out his plans to improve healthcare in the upcoming week.
He’s expected to discuss whether he will move forward with Medicaid expansion under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Revenue at the York Fair is right on target this year.  Fair President, Gene Schenck says this year’s fair is the best he’s seen in many years.  But he says compared to last year’s record 646,000 ticket sales, sales are currently down about 20,000 in the first four days.  With promising weather for the weekend, Schenck says he’s not worried.

Schenk says, “This doesn’t have to set a record every year.  It just has to please the community every year.  And that’s what it’s doing.  People are really happy.  Getting great comments about how clean the midways are, no litter, midways are wider now.”

You can help support America’s Oldest Fair until Sunday!

A new attraction at the York Fair is creating a lot of buzz, both literally and figuratively.

Helicopter rides at the fair are really taking off, but some people who live near the fairgrounds say they’re suffering because of it.

Kaemon, 2, loves to play in his West York yard. But since the York Fair kicked off Friday, his mom says playing outside or even inside has been tough. Ashley Stahle says the helicopters taking fair attendees on high-flying tours are disturbing the peace. Stahle said over the weekend, the helicopters flew too frequently, too low and too late in the evening.

“It’ll shake the windows or the door frames, but it’s just the vibrations, you can feel it,” she said. “Kind of like a tremor.”

But it’s her son Kaemon, who is autistic, who has the most difficulty with it.

“He covers his ears and runs and hides and scream for about 15 minutes it took us to calm him down every time it did that,” she said.

The owners of East Coast Helicopters, which runs the tours, say they’ve heard neighbors’ concerns and have made changes as a result.

“We try to stay high. We try not to fly too late,” said Tyler Sigel, co-owner of East Coast Helicopters. “Last night we shut down an hour early and we’re just really trying to be neighborly and help out.”

Sigel said his pilots are also trying to avoid flying over the same houses, but it’s difficult because the FAA and DOT approve where they can fly.

Judging by the numbers, it’s clear the noise isn’t keeping people away from the attraction or the rest of the fair.

“We had over an hour wait each day,” Sigel said. “We’ve had to bring in two helicopters in and fly just to try and get the line down.”

“I’m sure for the people that are flying, that it’s awesome,” Stahle said. “But for us, who live around here, it’s not fun.”

The president of the York Fair said he has gotten a handful of complaints Sunday and Monday, but that the majority of feedback about the helicopter rides has been overwhelmingly positive.

Written by: Katie Kyros

In its 248th year, the York Fair has new thrill attractions, whether you’re taking flight, or taking the plunge.

The US Airbag Free Fall, Mine-Bender roller coaster and helicopter rides were all drawing crowds on Saturday.

State inspectors kept the free fall and roller coaster closed the first day of the fair. Mine-Bender had not been used since 2002 at South of the Border in South Carolina, so inspectors put it through more than 100 test runs.

“We’re keeping pace with everyone and maybe a half step ahead of the curve,” organizer Derek Shaw said of the new additions.

West Manchester Township Police and the York Fair have outlined security procedures for the 2013 York Fair that begins today.  All backpacks, bags, packages, strollers and any items carried into the fair are subject to search. Unlike some fairs that have banned backpacks, the York Fair permits them, but reserves the right to look inside.

As in past years, all backpacks, diaper bags, handbags and packages will be searched before they can be taken onto the Grandstand. No weapons of any kind and no alcoholic beverages can be taken on to the Grandstand

The police and the fair adopted the backpack search policy while understanding that many fairgoers spend an entire day at the fair and need to bring jackets or personal items in some kind of bag. Security officials at the fair advise people to bring only what they need.

“With parking inside the grounds, many items can be left inside your vehicle,” said Fair President Gene Schenck.  “If you are attending a Grandstand concert you should avoid bringing bags because it will take longer to get to your seat if you bring a bag that will need to be searched.”

West Manchester Township Police and other law enforcement agencies at the fair urge all fairgoers to report any suspicious activity. “If you see something, say something” is a good policy that supports law enforcement. If you happen to see something that does not look right, report it to one of the many police officers on the grounds or go to the Fair Police Headquarters under the Grandstand Annex. Citizens can also call 911 if they view suspicious activity and cannot find an officer.

“We spend hours planning the security operation and we try to make improvements every year,” said SGT Richard Trout of West Manchester Twp Police. This year it was clear that the bag issue needed to be addressed. After Discussion with York Fair officials, we found a policy that permits families to bring the items they need while we work to provide a safe environment for everyone. Officers will be using their discretion to enforce these new rules.”

Local News

Annual York Fair officially underway!

America’s first and oldest fair, the York Fair kicked off at 11 a.m. Friday! Organizers held a ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Kick off the 2013 York Fair. The fair runs ten days, September 6-15.

Special guests included Morgan Bankert, York Fair 4 H Special Award Recipient, Kyle Livingston, York Fair FFA Award Recipient, Nicole McCord, York Fair Queen.

Friday events:

Tammy Barton, Hypnotist: daily at 6:00, 8:00
Matt’s Family Jam: Surprise locations 3 times each day
Racing Pigs & Dogs: M-F: 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30; Sat/Sun: 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 6:30, 8:30
Royal Hanneford Circus: M-F: 2:00, 6:00, 8:00; Sat: 1:00, 3:00, 6:00, 8:00; Sun: 1:00, 4:00, 7:00
Eudora Farms Exotic Animal Petting Zoo: daily interactive experiences
Team Ironmill: daily challenges
Junkyard Drummers: Strolling the Fair daily
Great Lakes Timber Show: M-F: 1:00, 5:00, 8:00; Sat/Sun: 12:00, 2:00, 5:00, 8:00
Cracked Walnuts: Strolling the Fair daily
Great Country Radio Stage – Katie Armiger 6:30
Heritage Hall Stage – Sweet Life 5:00; Kayla Kroh 7:00
Fairgrounds Sports Bar – The Boomers 6:00-9:00


2013 Promo days:

Fri. Sept. 6
PA Lottery Day/Sneak-a-Peek Dollar Day!
$1 ADMISSION per person for everyone all day.
FREE ADMISSION for Scouts and Scout Leaders in uniform,
and Sr. Citizens w/Medicare Card
Ride all the Deggeller midway rides for $1 per ride

Sat. Sept. 7
Deggeller Ride All Day Wristbands – $23

Sun. Sept. 8
Courtesy of Weis Markets
FREE ADMISSION for a family of 4 from 3 PM to 5 PM with
your Weis Markets Preferred Shoppers Club Card.
Deggeller Ride All Day Wristbands – $23

Mon. Sept.9
Courtesy of Community Courier/Engle Publishing
FREE ADMISSION all day for 4 people with a coupon
from the Community Courier Newspaper.
Deggeller Ride All Day Wristbands – $20

Tues. Sept. 10
Utz Day!
$3 off a regular adult admission all day with a York Fair
sticker from Utz Salty Snacks.
Deggeller Ride All Day Wristbands – $20

Wed. Sept. 11
York Fair & Utz Remember 9/11
FREE ADMISSION all day for for Emergency Services
Personnel (firefighters, EMTs, police) with proper ID (badge
or certification card) and for Active Duty Military and
Veterans with proper ID (valid membership card from
veterans’ org., Honorable Discharge or DD214).
All other patrons can receive $3 off a regular adult
admission with a York Fair sticker from Utz Salty Snacks.
Deggeller Ride All Day Wristbands – $20

Thurs. Sept. 12
Deggeller Ride All Day Wristbands – $20

Fri. Sept. 13
Pre-School Pals Day courtesy of WGTY 107.7 FM
FREE ADMISSION from 11 AM to 3 PM for one adult with
a Pre-schooler.
Kiddie Kingdom Ride Wristbands – $10
(purchase from 11 AM to 3 PM and ride until 4 PM)
Deggeller Ride All Day Wristbands – $21

Sat. Sept. 14
Deggeller Ride All Day Wristbands – $23

Sun. Sept. 15
Super Sunday courtesy of Weis Markets
FREE ADMISSION all day for a family of 4 with your
Weis Markets Preferred Shoppers Club Card
Deggeller Ride All Day Wristbands – Last Blast $18

For more information about the York Fair click here

The 248th Annual York Fair is just three days away. President of the America’s oldest fair Gene Schenck said early indications show this could be a big year.

“Hailstorm, Florida Georgia Line, Alan Jackson and Austin Mahone. We have a really have big lineup this year and the ticket sales are excellent. They are the best they have ever been. We are not quite sure we understand it. We have never had sales as strong as they are this year, and that’s an indication that a lot of people want to come to the fair,” said Schenck. “Right now our biggest seller is Florida Georgia Line. They are just a new sensation We signed them up last year when they were just starting up.”

Organizers hope a parade and new attractions will bring in more visitors too.

“We have a parade that is going to be on 9/11. September 11th falls during the middle of the fair this year, so we thought it would be entertaining and something to kind of remember 9/11. We have emergency vehicles in it we are reaching out to first responders,” said Michael Froehlich, General Manager of the York Fair. The parade will go through the fairgrounds and end at the Grandstand.

“With the ‘Free Fall’, new helicopter rides, we think excitement is going to be in the air throughout the entire fair. We got the new parade, we got the new Lumber Jack Show,” said Froehlich.

At the new Great Lakes Timber Show people will be able to see real lumberjacks, chainsaw carving, axe throwing, wood chopping, and log-rolling in a water tank.

Another one of the new attractions this year is helicopter rides, offered by East Coast Helicopters, a company based and owned in York County.

“I really like the idea of somebody locally starting a business and succeeding at it. That doesn’t happen a lot anymore. It’s really exciting to see some local guys make a business out of helicopter rides. I hope they really have a great fair,” said Schenck.

Brian Klinger and Tyler Sigel own and operate the business. They are also both pilots who have grown up visiting the York Fair.

“It’s great, it’s right in our backyard, A five-minute flight from where our home base operation is. It’s great to be a part of the York fair which is one of the oldest fairs around,” said Tyler Sigel, Chief Pilot and founder of the company. “It’s a different experience instead of just coming to eat the food and enjoying the fair.”

East Coast Helicopters offers helicopter rides to a range of people and businesses including fairs and news organizations. “We recently took out a bunch of sky divers in Dover. That was a new experience!” said Sigel.

“It’s $40.00 per person and it’s roughly a six-minute ride. We take them up just take them all over York city and the surrounding area. If we have somebody that lives here we try to fly them over their house if possible! The city looks totally different from the air and a lot of people can’t even tell where they are at. Once they get up there they kind of lose their whereabouts. But it’s beautiful,” said Klinger. “It’s a great opportunity for us that they allow us to come here, and give the rides like we are.”

For more information about East Coast Helicopters click here