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Arrests made in Carlisle High School fake bomb scare


A Carlisle High School student has been charged in assisting 21-year-old Daniel Jumbelick plan a bomb threat at the school on Nov. 27.



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Charges have been  filed against a teenager who admitted to assisting the man responsible for the Nov. 27 fake bomb threat at Carlisle High School, police said

The female juvenile , who is a student at the high school, told police she helped in planning the bomb threat with 21-year-old Daniel Jumbelick.

She also told police that she provided Jumbelick with the school’s phone number and told him which building to call.

Jumbelick was charged on Dec. 3 with making terroristic threats.

The student will be charged with terroristic threats and criminal conspiracy through the juvenile justice system.


Daniel Jumbelick



A 21-year-old man suspected of making the Nov. 27 fake bomb threat at Carlisle High School has been identified.

Daniel L. Jumbelick, of Carlisle,  is currently being held at Cumberland County Prison on unrelated charges, police said.

An arrest warrant is expected to be served on Monday, Dec. 3

Jumbelick will be charged with a felony count of making terroristic threats.

In 2009 Jumbelick was arrested in connection with committing 10 burglaries in the Newville area. He was 18 at the time.


Daniel Jumbelick


A bomb threat at Carlisle High School on Tuesday, a fire at Wilson Middle School in the science lab that sent seven students to the hospital on Wednesday, and on Thursday, a nearly empty High School after rumors of a school shooting spiraled on social media. All of this has made for a long week for students.

” It`s pretty harsh everyone is scared we`re not allowed to go outside in-between classes just freaking out about what’s been happening lately,” says Billy Burger, a Sophomore at Carlisle High School

Carlisle Police Chief Stephen Margeson says these threats were not credible however, they always take threats of violence seriously.

“ Anyone can say anything on Facebook without anything to substantiate it and that`s a problem,” says Margeson

The investigation of the fire at Wilson Middle School is still ongoing however FOX43 spoke with the Carlisle Fire Chief and he says that what they do know is that rubbing alcohol was the only chemical involved.