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South Cameron Street plagued by broken water main


Residents living along South Cameron Street are cleaning up after a water main broke, sending water into their homes.

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The Boil Water Advisory in Harrisburg has been lifted. Harrisburg Public Works says the main on Cameron Street was repaired, filled and flushed. Samples of the water were taken and the results reveal no contamination.

Water pressure was also tested and passed. Concerned customers can direct any questions or comments to the City of Harrisburg, Bureau of Water at 717-238-8725 extension 241.


A major road is back open in Harrisburg after another water main break shut South Cameron Street down for the weekend.  This break is the latest in the line of water woes that has Harrisburg leaders talking about their infrastructure options.

Right now, about 3,000 water customers in this area are under a boil water advisory.  The good news is crews have wrapped up the construction and South Cameron Street is open for travel.  The repairs are in place and the hole is closed up.  However, the boil water advisory is still in place and this could be just the beginning of an ever-growing problem.

Harrisburg Public Works employees were busily working over the weekend to repair yet another water main break.  The image is becoming a popular site over the past several weeks.

“It’s an aging city, so it’s going to have more problems,” resident Martin Gamez.

The latest break was discovered Saturday along the 1600 block of South Cameron Street.  Crews dug up the road and replaced a 20 foot section of piping that dates back to the 1880’s.  Before the fix, several homes were flooded.

“This happens not that often, but the flooding and whatnot, especially this area floods a lot,” Gamez said.

Because of the break, 3,000 water customers were forced to boil the water.  The boil water advisory is in effect until the water can be cleared by the Department of Environmental Protection.

This latest break is the third large water main break in Harrisburg since New Year’s Day.  A break along North Fourth Street crippled an entire city block and forced evacuations because of a lack of heat and water.

An aging infrastructure is to blame for the problems.  Much of Harrisburg’s guts date back to the late 1800’s.  Harrisburg is much like many cities across the U.S. as it battles an aging problem.  With little money in the budget to simply keep the city afloat day-to-day, infrastructure concerns are growing as city leaders look to a plan to keep the city up and running.

Water has reportedly been restored to the area although residents remain under a boil water advisory.  This advisory is for anyone south of Paxton Street and all the way to the southern city line.  Five samples need to be conducted and passed before the DEP will give the all clear.  Early estimates put that at this afternoon, at the earliest.


A portion of South Cameron Street remains closed as crews work to repair a broken water main in the southern part of Harrisburg.

City councilwoman Sandra Reid tweeted that a 20-foot pipe needs to be replaced. No time line has been given on how long it will take crews to make the needed repairs, Reid said.


The Harrisburg Water Authority has restored water to the affected customers. A boil water advisory is still in effect for those living between Paxton Street and the southern city line.


Residents living along South Cameron Street are cleaning up after Harrisburg City’s latest water main break. It happened around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night. A boil water advisory has been issued for people living in Harrisburg’s south section of the city, which includes homes along Paxton Street to the city line at 13th street, according to city councilwoman Sandra Reid.  The advisory is also in effect for people living  in housing projects from the 1100-1900 block of South Cameron Street, Reid said.

Councilwoman Reid was at the scene last night and tweeted that some residents living in the 1600 block of South Cameron Street had up to four feet of water in their basement.

Red Cross responded to the scene to assist those affected by the broken water main.

No word on how long it will take crews to make repairs.

This is the second time in a week that a water main has broken on Cameron Street.

Crews are on the scene of a water main break in Harrisburg. It happened along the 1500 block of South Cameron Street in the city.

Dauphin County dispatchers say one southbound lane is open at this time.

cameron st water mainA major artery in Harrisburg is closed because of a water main break.  Cameron Street is closed overnight and possibly for the next several hours while crews try to locate the break and make repairs.

Cameron Street, between Herr and Market Streets, has been closed since about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night after crews were alerted to some water on the roadway.  About 7 a.m., Harrisburg Public Works crews began getting to the scene with heavy machinery in an attempt to locate the break and make any repairs.

There is a potential that Cameron Street could be closed for several hours for the work to continue.  The best alternates right now are Herr and Market Streets to reach the downtown area. So far, traffic backups have not been too problematic in the area.