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Fatal Pottsville Fire

A fatal fire in Pottsville has claimed the lives of 2 adults and 4 children.

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The man who died with his four children and sister-in-law in a Mother’s Day fire in Pottsville, Schuylkill County,  tested positive for amphetamine, methamphetamine and THC, a substance found in marijuana, the coroner said Tuesday.

All the victims died of carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation.  For more on the story click here.

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Investigation Still Underway

The coroner has performed an autopsy on all six people killed in a fire Monday in Pottsville.  The coroner has decided not to release the findings until toxicology reports comeback.  Investigators believe the deadly fire may have started from a wood stove in the kitchen on the second floor, but the exact cause remains under investigation.

Investigators are searching for the case to a terrible house fire in Pottsville that killed six people. The deadly fire started just before midnight on Pierce Street.

Christina Groves likes just behind the home that caught on fire on Sunday night. She recalled those first awful moments.

“We woke up to my daughter screaming.  it’s fire, it’s fire, it’s fire.” says neighbor Christina Groves, “I looked out my bedroom window and you could see a towering inferno immediately.”

Groves got her family out as firefighters warned them that this fire was out of control and it could spread.

Neighbors, police officers and firefighters worked around the clock to fight the flames while attempting to rescue the six people trapped inside the burning building.

The victims were found on the third floor and even though Fire Chief Todd March feels the victims could not be saved, he and his department take this horrible tragedy personally.

(Mike Vojtko, WNEP) POTTSVILLE —Six people, four of them children, were killed in a deadly blaze in Schuylkill County.

Fire crews said flames started at a home in the 200 block of Pierce Street in Pottsville late Sunday night.  Seven people lived in the home.

Firefighters said the floors and roof of the home collapsed making it difficult to fight the blaze.  According to the coroner, fire crews were unable to save Elijah Brown, 2, Emily Brown, 3, Jeremiah Brown, 7, and Joy Brown, 8.  Their father, Eric Brown, 30, was also killed. Flames claimed the life of the family’s sister-in-law, Kristina Thomas, 26.

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