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Dakin Burgess

The actions of state troopers who fired shots during the pursuit of Dakin P. Burgess on Sept. 9 have been justified, according to a joint release issued by the Franklin and Cumberland County District Attorneys.

According to police reports, Dakin Burgess, 37, of Pittsburgh, shot two state troopers during a police chase last month that spanned Franklin and Cumberland Counties. Authorities say Burgess was connected with a bank robbery in Franklin County and a bomb scare at the Marion Mennonite Church’s preschool.

Burgess shot and killed himself before authorities could apprehend him.

Because Burgess’ actions placed the public in danger–both District Attorneys determined state troopers responded appropriately by firing their weapons.

District Attorney Matthew Fogal stated, “The acts of valor and selfless service displayed by numerous Troopers during this incident were, in a word, heroic.”

District Attorney David Freed added, “The professionalism of the Troopers involved in the chase and apprehension of Burgess prevented a potential disaster. Their use of force was not only reasonable, it was necessary.”

A man is dead and multiple State Troopers injured after a police chase went through several townships and counties Monday night. Today, Police say the suspect is dead and could be connected to a bomb threat made at a pre-school last Friday.

This pursuit lasted three hours. It started with a robbery at the M&T Bank in Guilford Township, and ended after the suspecy shot himself in the head and crashed his car.   Cumberland County District Attorney David freed said 37 -year -old Dakin Burgess of Pittsburgh was first pulled over by state police, shot that trooper in the foot, and drove away.  During the chase he continued to shoot at troopers, inuring another one in the shoulder.

” This individual was very intent on getting away. He was going to  stop at nothing to lure our officers into getting closer so he could engage in gun fire,” said Capt. Steven Junkin, Pennsylvania State Police

After he hid in the cornfield police say he led them on a chase through most of upper Cumberland County before troopers rammed his car and he then shot himself.  It all came to an end in two front yards on Roxburry Road in Upper Mifflin Township.

” We heard gun shots, a boom, the car flipped and took the mailbox, the pole, and then it came to a rest,” says Bev Minich, of Upper Mifflin Township

The Cumberland County District Attorney says they have reason to believe this man is also connected to a bomb threat made at a pre-school on Friday that turned out to be a hoax.

Around 2:00 friday afternoon a threat was called into the growing tree pre-school  in a mennonite church along Route 11 North in Marion, Franklin County. After bringing in a bomb sniffing dog a device was found near the doorway of the school where the children left everyday. A bomb squad determined that the device didn’t hold any explosive materials, but the investigation led to clues found in Burgess’s possession.

Captain Steve Junkin said, “there were certain things that connected him. I can say as far as the construction and information he had in his car related to that facility.”

Traffic along Route 11 was detoured for six hours that day .

The state troopers injured in last night’s chase are recovering and doing well. The Cumberland County Coroner released his autopsy report of the suspect this afternoon and it stated Burgess died from a gun shot  wound to the head, and he also suffered a gun shot wound in his leg.


Authorities continue to investigate a pursuit that lasted almost 5 hours.  It began around 5:00 Monday evening.  It ends when the suspect crashes into a tree and dies.

Authorities say the armed man robbed the M&T Bank on Lincoln Way East, in Chambersburg.  The man was driving a black mini van.  A state trooper spotted the van.  That’s when the pursuit began.  The state trooper was injured and contact with the vehicle was lost.  The van was spotted again, and with the help of aviation units, another pursuit ensued.  Multiple troopers were injured.  The pursuit ended when the man crashed his van into a tree on Roxbury Road and died.

The Cumberland County Coroner and District Attorney, David Freed, are releasing more information at a press conference Tuesday morning at 11, at the Cumberland County Courthouse.

Local News

Franklin County robber killed in police chase

Today at around 5pm, an armed man robbed the M&T bank on Lincoln way east in Chambersburg, Franklin county. The man was driving a black mini van. The van was spotted by a State Trooper and a pursuit ensued. The State Trooper was injured in this pursuit and contact with the vehicle was lost. The vehicle was spotted again and another pursuit ensued with the help of Aviation units. Multiple Troopers were injured in the pursuit, none with life threatening injuries. The pursuit came to an end when the suspect crashed his vehicle into a tree on Roxbury rd. the suspect is deceased. The situation is stable and is currently under investigation by Pennsylvania State Police, the Franklin county and Cumberland county DA’s, and Cumberland county coroner.

More details will be released at a press conference tomorrow at 11:00 am at the Cumberland county courthouse.

A bomb threat at a Franklin County preschool was a hoax.  Someone called a bomb threat at about 2 o’clock Friday afternoon to the Growing Tree Preschool in Marion, a small community just south of Chambersburg.  The call reportedly said a bomb would go off as kids were dismissed.

State Police in Chambersburg responded to the scene and with local police and setup a perimeter. A K9 team arrived on scene and a suspicious device was eventually located outside the doorway to the school. A bomb team arrived and was able to determine that the device was not a device capable of causing an explosion.  It was fake.

The K9 and bomb team then cleared the school and did not locate any other devices. Southbound traffic on Route 11 was detoured for about six hours during the incident. State Police say their investigation is ongoing.


Preschool students were evacuated Friday afternoon after someone called in a bomb threat to the Growing Tree Preschool in Chambersburg.

State police confirm the school received a phone call around 2 p.m.  from a person who said a device would go off as the children were being dismissed for the day.

The school is located along the 100 block of Social Island Road.

Investigators said all students and faculty have been safely evacuated.

Chambersburg State Police are currently on the scene with a bomb sniffing dog.

The incident is ongoing and people are asked to avoid the area.