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Harrisburg police officer and pedestrian injured during pursuit


 A Harrisburg police officer and a female pedestrian were critically injured in a crash during a police pursuit on Saturday evening.

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A slew of charges have been filed against the Harrisburg man who led police on a car chase which seriously injured two people.

29 year old Christopher Michael Slaughter’s bail is set at $500,000.00. But the allegations against slaughter could land him life behind bars.

The scene where the accident took place on April 20th has been completely cleaned up, but that doesn’t replace the emotional damage that’s been done.

Tears filled the eyes of Barry Haywood when we told him about the charges filed against the man who seriously injured his wife, Selina Martin.

“I have no words for the guy you know what I mean because it was unnecessary,” says Barry Haywood.

Haywood says his wife is still on a breathing machine, and she’s in and out of consciousness.

“I`m here by myself she`s at the hospital, everytime I go visit her she`s sad upset, in pain, she`s going to be that way for quite some time,” says Haywood.

Both Martin and Harrisburg Police Offcier Daniel Peiper remain at PennState Hershey Medical Center with life altering injuries.

“Mr. Slaughter faces some serious penalties, the aggravated assault charges are felonies which carry a maximum sentence of 20 years,” says Dauphin County District Attorney, Ed Marisco.

Slaughter faces at least 10 charges, and combined, it could land him 100 years behind bars.

“This was a very serious crash,” says Marsico.

Yanny Nguyen lives a block away from the scene. He hasn’t erased the image from the crash.

“I was like amazed, I couldn`t believe I was seeing this…he probably deserves what he`s going to get,” says Nguyen.

There’s no word on the condition of officer Peiper, but Haywood says doctors believe his wife is slowly improving.

There was question earlier whether police officers reached speeds constituting a high speed chase, which is against the law within city limits. District Attorney Marsico says right now that’s the least of worries.


Charges were filed Thursday against a man accused of leading police on a chase that ended in a crash, injuring two people and a K-9 officer, in Harrisburg on April 20.

Christopher Michael Slaughter, 29, of Harrisburg, is facing a laundry list of charges including reckless endangerment, aggravated assault by vehicle and flight to avoid  apprehension, Dauphin County Court filings show.

Prosecutors allege Slaughter drove off after police attempted to pull him over for a traffic violation along the 2300 block of North 6th Street on the evening of April 20. Slaughter eventually pulled over along the 2500 Lexington Street but sped off as officers exited their vehicles and approached his SUV.

According to the Dauphin County District Attorney’s office, Slaughter hit speeds of 51 mph during the chase and committed numerous traffic violations during the chase.

It all came to and end when Slaughter’s SUV collided with Officer Daniel Peiper’s vehicle on North 6th Street and then slammed into Selina Martin, a pedestrian who was standing on the sidewalk.

Both Officer Peiper and Martin sustained multiple injuries and remain hospitalized at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

Officer Peiper’s K-9 partner, Thor, suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Slaughter remains in Dauphin County Prison on $500,000 bail.

A Harrisburg man is facing an escape charge after fleeing police Saturday evening on Sixth and Forrest Street. A Police SUV and another car collided at the intersection, crushing an innocent neighbor.

The crash has caused potentially thousands of dollars of damage to area businesses.

Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson says a pursuit with police officer Dan Peiper allegedly took place.  Authorities are investigating why Peiper and his K-9, Thor, chased Christopher Slaughter in his car.  The police SUV then collided with the car, and flipped onto neighbor, Salina Martin, who was outside.

Neighbor Koscina Lowe owns a beauty shop next door.  She says, “”When I pulled up she was sweeping at first, I went upstairs to watch TV, then I heard boom, they said she was sitting on the edge of her home…but I heard her she was trapped underneath the car, screaming.”

Lowe questions why she believes police were driving 70 mph in a 25 mph zone.  Mayor Thompson says city police are put in danger every day to protect you.

She says, “They get up every morning with a sense of reason to protect and serve and that’s what our officers do.”

Lowe says, “It’s just a serious tragedy because she didn’t bother anybody.”

Authorities say Slaughter is charged with escape and he remains in Dauphin County Prison.

Thor, the K-9, has been treated and released from Rossmoyne Animal Hospital.


By Katie Kyros

After a police crash sent three people and a K-9 dog to the hopsital Saturday night, we’re learning only one person has been able to leave the hospital– the suspect who was the subject of the police chase.

An eyewitness at the scene tells WPMT FOX43 his fiance was the pedestrian trapped under the police car when it flipped over. Her name is Selina Martin.

“She was moving her legs, but she was like, ‘Help me, get me out,’ and I said I can’t, I can’t lift it,” says Barry Haywood, who lives in an apartment over the crash site. “I tried to push the car off myself.”

A chase sent the police car and an SUV slamming into parked cars and buildings.

Martin and the police officer were taken to Hershey Medical Center. The officer is in critical condition and Martin suffered injuries to her spine, heart and ribs.

“I prayed for her last night, cried all last night,” says Haywood, who was with Martin for three surgeries when she was brought to the hospital. “But I can’t even cry no more.”

The suspect was treated and released into custody. The K-9 dog, Thor, suffered head trauma but is recovering.

“From what I understand he is very, very close with his handler, and that is his one and all,” says Sabrena Meyerhoff of Rossmoyne Animal Hospital. “A lot of prayers need to go out to his handler right now.”


Photo courtesy of Rossmoyne Animal Emergency & Trauma Center

A Harrisburg police K9 is recovering after being involved in a crash on Saturday evening. It happened around 6:30 p.m. near 6th and Forrest Street. A police officer, a pedestrian and a suspect the officer was pursuing were also injured in the crash.

Thor, a 4-year-old German Shepherd, was taken to the Rossmoyne Animal Emergency & Trauma Center for treatment.

He came in with a concussion and some bruising around the spleen/liver area, Sabrena Myerhoff, who with her husband, Mark, a veterinarian, owns the Animal Emergency Center in Lower Allen Township. On Sunday morning, Thor was up walking around and even went outside to go to the bathroom, Myerhoff said.

Thor is expected to make a full recovery but will require weeks of rest before returning to work.


A Harrisburg police officer and a female pedestrian remain in critical condition following a police chase and crash on Saturday evening. It happened around 6:30 p.m. near 6th and Forrest Streets. A Harrisburg police officer was pursuing a driver of an SUV when the officer’s vehicle crashed and flipped onto its roof.

Authorities say the police officer, who has not been identified, remains in critical but stable condition.

The driver of the SUV was treated and taken into custody, police said. No word yet on the suspects identity.

A female pedestrian was struck by one of the vehicles during the crash.


Photo courtesy of Rossmoyne Animal Emergency & Trauma Center

A Harriburg police K9 named Thor was also injured in the crash. Thor was taken to the Rossmoyne Animal Emergency & Trauma Center in Lower Allen Township for treatment.

FOX43 News will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

A four car crash on 6th Street in Harrisburg injured three people, including a police officer and his K-9 companion. A police car and an SUV crashed into two parked cars along the side of the road. “It sounded like a bomb explosion. I thought one of our cars got hit. I came outside I didn’t expect it like this,” said neighbor Yanny Nguyen.


Photo by Kathy Runkle

The police cruiser flipped over and struck a woman sitting on her front porch. The driver of the SUV and the woman were both injured and taken by ambulance to the hospital. “All we know now is that one of our officers was in a car accident and he was hit by another driver. Two parked cars were hit, and out car got flipped over,” said Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson. “He’s [the officer] pretty bad. But it’s not life threatening right now.  Another woman was either sitting on the step or standing and our car when it flipped over landed on top of her,” she said.


Photo by Kathy Runkle

Rescue crews had to use the jaws of life to get the police officer out of his vehicle. He was flown by Life Lion to Hershey Medical Center. His K-9 companion was injured in the crash, he is being treated by a veterinarian.

Neighbors say the crash was the result of a police chase. ” I guess he [the suspect police were allegedly chasing] wouldn’t get out so they had to break the window and drug him out at gunpoint. Handcuffed him and took him away,” said neighbor James Gordon.  The mayor would not confirm that this was a police chase. Check back for updates.