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Loganville Fire Chief Killed

Chief Rodney Miller died after being hit by an SUV while directing traffic around the scene of an accident on Interstate 83 early Saturday morning. It happened around 12:50 a.m. in the southbound lanes of I-83 in Springfield Township near Exit 8.

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Diehl In Court

The man police say hit and killed Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Miller will his car was in court Friday.  Matthew Diehl is facing charges of homicide.  Prosecutors added an additional charge of third degree murder in the preliminary hearing.  Officers say Diehl drove his vehicle around a crash on I-83 in April hitting Miller who was directing traffic.  Diehl remains in a York County Prison without bail.

Friday night the York Revolution baseball game was designated as Emergency Responder night.  In addition to that, they  dedicated the game to Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Miller who was killed in the line of duty in April.  Miller was killed by a drunk driver on April 27 while directing  traffic along 1-83 following an accident. This is the 7th year the revolution has held emergency responder night, but after the death of Miller they decided they would dedicate the game to him and raise money for both his family and the Loganville Fire Company.

“ Nothing we can do and no amount of money we raised can make up for what they’ve experienced and what they’ve lost but I do hope we can show them that we care as a community and I think that means a lot to people,” says Eric Menzer, General Manager of the York Revolution

T-shirts and bracelets were also sold at the game. $5 dollars of every ticket sold went  to the York County Office of Traffic Safety to Fight Drunk Driving.

It’s been a devastating week for those who knew Loganville Volunteer Fire Chief, Rodney Miller.

He’s remembered as a “buddy” who enjoyed travelling with friends and loved being a firefighter.  Hundreds gathered inside the Grace Fellowship Church, in York, to remember Miller.

Friend, Missy Sweitzer says, “Never leave a conversation without I love you, because you’ll never know when it might be the last conversation you have with that person.  Rodney always did that.”

Another friend asks, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Later, a hovering medical helicopter initiated a solemn spectacle for Chief Miller.  It’s the same air ambulance that tried to save Miller when he was hit by a suspected drunk driver, on Saturday.  Miller was directing traffic around a crash on I-83.

In addition to an outpouring of support, nearly 150 emergency apparatus lined the streets of the burial, in Springfield Township.

Firefighters from neighboring Fire Companies shared their thoughts about Miller.

“You feel for the members of their company because that’s their leader, their go to guy.  You look out for your guys who make your department happen,” says Chief Tony McGillin.

Joshua Stiffler says,  “We always look up to the Chiefs…a good leader, good relationship with each other.”

Matthew Diehl is being charged in connection with Miller’s death.  He’s still being held in York County Prison without bail.

Firefighter say they want to look for better ways to protect one another in the line of duty, preventing other tragedies from happening.

See more tonight at 6PM on FOX43 WPMT.

Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Miller will be laid to rest today. The funeral begins at 10 a.m. with his burial to follow.

Many emergency personnel have already arrived to pay their respects for the late fire chief. WPMT FOX43 will have more on this tonight.

rodney miller

Governor Tom Corbett today ordered all Pennsylvania flags at the Capitol Complex and at state facilities in York County lowered to half-staff effective immediately in honor of Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Paul Miller.

Miller, 45, died in the line of duty on Saturday, April 27, 2013. Flags shall remain at half-staff through sunset on Friday, May 3, 2013, the day of Miller’s funeral.

All Pennsylvanians are invited to join in this tribute.

The community continues to mourn the loss of Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Miller. A clack ribbon hangs from the fire company, and flags fly at half-staff.

Police say Miller was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver just after midnight Saturday night. He was directing traffic after an accident on Interstate 83, directing cars off of the interstate at the Glen Rock exit. “Chief Miller and his crew had come to the scene because the woman involved in that crash was going to be life-flighted away from the scene. Therefore they had to shut down the interstate to allow for the helicopter to land,” said State Police Trooper Robert Hicks. “The suspect was driving down the left lane, supposedly he did see some of the vehicle begin to slow down in the left hand lane, he went over to the right-hand lane and hit Chief Miller,” he said.

Police say Matthew Diehl of Shrewsbury hit Chief Miller, and kept on driving. “He continued on approximately two more miles, until he was stopped in the backlog of some other traffic, in which point in time some of the other firemen and police caught up with him,” said Trooper Hicks. “It all started with one crash where the female is suspected of DUI. And here you have Chief Miller out there trying to help out in that situation, and ironically he gets killed by a person who is suspected of DUI as well.”

Currently Scott Diehl is facing several charges including homicide by vehicle, and driving under the influence. District Attorney Tom Kearney says he could be in for even more serious ones. “We are taking a look at amending the charges so that will be determined by the reports. But they could be changed to something even more serious than they are now including third degree murder. When someone commits a reckless death that constitutes third degree murder. This is his third DUI arrest, he was driving on a suspended license. We’re taking a look at the facts. Oh and he left the scene and left this man to basically die,” said Kearney. “We’re taking a look at the nature of the accident. What was he doing, where was he, what was his location on the highway, was he speeding, all of those factors will play into the determination of whether we amend the charges.”

“The present charges will carry a mandatory three years in state prison. Third-degree murder could go much higher,” Kearney said.

Kearney says drunk drivers are a real problem and the community needs to step in. “When you see somebody, tell them to stop, take their keys. This affects all of us. We as citizens have an obligation to care for each other.”

Local News

Fire Chief Honored by Thousands

By Katie Kyros

At the York City Fire Department’s annual memorial service, Loganville’s Chief 63 was the first name read.

Chief Rodney Miller was killed Friday night, hit by driver police say was drunk, while he was directing traffic at an accident site.

Across the area, memorials including signs, flowers, and lowered flags mark the memory of the well-loved fire chief.

“He was called to a call, was doing what needed to be done, and for him to be struck and killed, by a drunk driver, makes it tough,” says York City Fire Chief David Michaels.

“Everyone I talk to, even when you think of Loganville, his name pops up all the time,” says Aaron Houseman, North Hopewell-Winterstown firefighter and friend.

Chief Miller’s funeral will be held at 10 am on Friday, at the Grace Fellowship Church in York County.


By Katie Kyros

Firefighters across the area are mourning the loss of Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Miller, who was killed in the line of duty early Saturday morning. And they’re helping cover Loganville’s calls, with its crew shut down.

“He would help anybody, do anything,” says Goodwill Fire Company Chief Shannon Blevins. “He was just one of those guys who would drop what he was doing and help.”

He was on Interstate 83 Friday night helping save lives, as always. He was directing traffic after a crash so that a patient could be airlifted.

“He was really dedicated to the community,” says Donald Eberly, president of the Loganville Fire Department.

But then police say a drunk driver swerved around his emergency vehicle, hitting and killing him.

Now local fire companies, including Shrewsbury and Glen Rock, are following Chief Miller’s example. They’re pulling together to handle Loganville’s calls during one of its darkest times.

Goodwill Fire Company is running dual dispatch, and responding to calls along with fill-in teams.

Miller led the Loganville Fire Department as Chief for 12 years.

Police have charged Matthew Diehl with homicide by vehicle and DUI. They say he is an alleged repeat drunk driver. Court records show he was convicted of driving under the influence at the highest rate in 2006.