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Pay it Forward

Each week, FOX43’s Trang Do travels across Central Pennsylvania in search of people who want to surprise someone they know with $200. Watch “Pay it Forward” every Wednesday night on FOX43 News at 10.

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Pay it Forward: Thanksgiving Edition

In honor of Thanksgiving, FOX43’s Trang Do surprised unsuspecting shoppers at the Musser’s Market in Mountville, Lancaster County, by paying for people’s last-minute Thanksgiving groceries.

Army Veteran Al Rahman was reluctant to allow us to tag along with him and his Navy vet son Ataullah, as they picked up items for the holiday. But Ataullah took over and made sure to scope out all of the deals.

“Coming out a recession, and you know, I’d like to save every penny, just so I can spend it all on my niece and nephews,” Ataullah said.

He and his father had no idea they were about to get the best deal of all — free.

“30.70,” the cashier told them.

“Oh, 30 bucks,” said Ataullah.

“Can you hold on a second?” Trang asked the cashier. “Happy Thanksgiving! We’re going to pay for your groceries!”

“Oh yeah? Magnificent! Oh that’s even better,” Al said.

“Don’t you wish you would’ve gotten those sodas now?” Trang asked.

“Yeah!” Al said with a laugh. “And some of that caviar back there!”

Bobbi McEvoy needed some similar arm twisting, but eventually let our camera roll on her last-minute shopping trip.

“You say that you’re a last-minute shopper every year. Why is that?” Trang asked Bobbi.

“Because I have to wait for my paycheck,” McEvoy said. “Just like everybody else, I live paycheck to paycheck.”

Even on a tight budget, it’s important for McEvoy to make the holiday special.

“I don’t know what I would do without my boys and my grandkids and my daughter-in-law,” she said.

A fast shopper, it didn’t take long for McEvoy to get everything on her list.

“Now, I’m done! Thank god!” she said.

“I did good!” McEvoy said when she saw the total.

“Oh, well actually, you did even better because we are paying for your groceries,” Trang told her. “Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Oh, you’re joking!” McEvoy replied. “You’re going to make me cry! Thank you so much! You don’t know what a big help that is, honey!”

Lancaster County Christian School 7th grader Denise Glick received a pay it forward surprise in the form of a ukulele from her music teacher Brian Bartch. Now, she and her family are hoping for another gift, one that could save her life.

Bartch gave Denise the ukulele in the hopes that it would offer her comfort and a way to pass the time, as she fights a condition called FSGS or Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis — an attack on her kidneys that can lead to kidney failure.

“It’s hard in the hospital because there’s not a lot that you can do, especially when you’re hooked up to IVs and stuff,” Denise said. “And it’s just kind of nice to have things that you can do in bed or in the chair just to take your mind off things.”

Bartch kept up with the 12 year old’s progress through her online blog. He then came up with the idea to surprise her with the ukulele in her hospital room at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

But he didn’t have the money for it, until another student nominated him for a pay it forward surprise and $200 from FOX43 in August.

“Lo and behold! You show up with Pay it Forward,” he said. “I was now empowered to do what I wanted to do.”

“It was really nice,” Denise said of Bartch’s gift. “I wasn’t expecting gifts or anything.”

Denise needs a kidney transplant from a living donor to significantly increase her chances of beating the disease. It’s something her father hoped to do, but as it turns out, he wasn’t a good match.

“Since I went through the testing, I know what’s involved and I just can’t, I don’t know how thankful I would be for somebody else to give a kidney for my daughter,” Doug Glick said. “It would just be an amazing thing.”

As the Glick family waits for a miracle, Denise spends at least five days out of the week receiving dialysis treatments. She also must use a feeding tube.

Through the long hours spent at Hershey Med, she dreams of the day she’ll get a new kidney and return to being a normal kid again.

“It would be so great to finally get back to living my life,” Denise said. “It would really mean a lot to me.”

If you’re interested in becoming a living donor for Denise or someone else, you can contact the Division of Transplant Surgery at Hershey Medical Center at 717-531-6092.

Local News

Paying it Forward in Goldsboro, York County

In this week’s Pay it Forward, we travel to Goldsboro, York County, where one photographer captures people’s images and their hearts with her giving spirit and sunny outlook on life.

Meredith Kaminek is well-known in central Pennsylvania for her years of photography work, but she’s also well-known for her giving nature, despite going through struggles of her own.

“She tends to provide to everybody, every way she can, in whatever means that they’re able to afford,” said Anne Landefeld, a recipient of Kaminek’s kindness. “There’s times where she just donates.”

Landefeld said Kaminek has donated everything from her time and money to photography work.

“I don’t know where I would be, at this point, let alone a lot of others, I am sure,” Landefeld said. “Because I’ve seen her do this. She’ll give the last ounce of anything in her body and soul as well as her income to people.”

With the $200 in hand, FOX43 followed Landefeld to Kaminek’s studio on Goldsboro’s town square. Landefeld told her she had an emergency and needed to stop by.

“Meredith, I want to let you know that this is FOX43 Pay it Forward,” Landefeld told Kaminek as she handed her the $200. “And this week, this is for you! This is for you! For all of the things you have done for so many and me.”

“Oh my God!” Kaminek responded.

Kaminek said she approached her work like all aspects of her life, with a smile on her face.

“It’s great to have a beautiful day everyday, and things aren’t always so bad,” she said.

Local News

Pay it Forward: Tiana Coreano update

Back in July, FOX43 paid it forward with a $200 surprise to a young woman from York County battling a rare form of pediatric cancer. Almost a year to the day she was diagnosed, Tiana Coreano, 22, learned that she is now cancer-free.

Coreano’s difficult year undergoing cancer treatments often left her wondering whether she’d live to see another day.

“Near the end, where I kept getting sick, every time I was going in there, they were admitting me,” she said. “I was just like, ‘This is never going to happen.'”

On September 5, 2012, doctors diagnosed Coreano with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer that primarily affects children and teens.

After rounds of chemo, countless hospital stays and visits, Coreano got the news that she is cancer-free on September 3. She shared the good news with family and friends through a video posted on YouTube.

“I woke her up and I was like, ‘You’re Cancer free!’ and she was like, ‘What?!’ and it took awhile to sink in,” said Leslie Flores, Tiana’s mom and caregiver. “‘Like, really? Does that mean that it’s gone, gone?'”

Though she’s finished with chemotherapy, Tiana still has at least one-to-two years of physical therapy, speech therapy and hospital visits ahead of her, and she’s going to need continued support.

“Any little help that we get, financially, anything, it’s always going to be a big help because I still have medical bills and I’m still going to have medical bills,” Coreano said.

For Tiana’s mom, the next milestone she’s looking forward to is the day she can finally remove the sign from her door warning visitors of Tiana’s compromised immune system.

“I really can’t wait to be able to take that sign down and I can’t wait to see the day that she walks out the door and says, ‘I’m going to work, I’m going back to school,'” Flores said. “That will be a great day.”

Coreano still has thousands of dollars in medical bills and a long road ahead. If you’d like to help her out, you can donate to a fund for her here.

Local News

Paying it Forward in Gap, Lancaster County

In this week’s Pay it Forward, FOX43 travels to Gap, Lancaster County. It’s where we found a struggling mom who wanted to give back to a woman who has given her so much.

“We had lost our home to a small tornado,” Catherine McQuate said. “A big tree had fallen on our house and I was told about her food bank, where she had gave out food.”

As director of the New Holland Food Bank for about 20 years, Marty Waldrop has helped a lot of people. But she has gone above and beyond for McQuate and her family, since meeting her at the food bank seven years ago.

“She just has been like a mom to me and a grandmother to my children,” McQuate said. “She has helped me financially before and she’s helped me buy groceries.”

Now McQuate is finally getting the chance to give back, by surprising Waldrop at her New Holland home with $200 from Pay it Forward.

“This is channel 43, FOX News and they have a thing that they do, called ‘paying it forward’ to somebody, who they love and who’s done some good to them, and I want to give you this because I love you,” McQuate told Waldrop. “And I thank you for everything that you’ve done for us.”

“Makes me feel very happy that she did that,” Waldrop told FOX43. “I mean, I’m her friend and friends don’t expect to get things in return all of the time.”

Waldrop learned the value of paying it forward to others at a young age.

“I guess because I was poor when I was young. My mother had to struggle,” she said. “We didn’t have anything at all.”

Even after retiring from the food bank, her instinct to help people in need hasn’t wavered.

“You should be using this to get your prescriptions!” Waldrop told McQuate.

“It’s for you, because you’re a good person!” replied McQuate tearfully.

Though Waldrop is technically retired from the food bank, she still visits weekly to give clients recipes and samples of dishes they can make with the food they receive.

Local News

Paying it Forward in Penbrook, Dauphin County

This week’s Pay it Forward is in Penbrook, Dauphin County, where an injured police officer with a giving heart received a $200 surprise from his coworker.

Veteran Penbrook Police Officer Ron Frederick has been off the job since June 9th. While he was on his way to work, he got an accident that left him severely hurt.

“He does have some pretty bad injuries, that we don’t know the extent of the injuries is going to be,” said Todd Zwigart, Frederick’s coworker.

Officer Frederick’s sick leave is exhausted, but he still has a long road to recovery ahead.

Zwigart said Frederick is the perfect candidate for a Pay it Forward surprise.

Officer Frederick tried to keep it quiet, but what he did after taking a little boy’s stolen bike report is just one example of why he’s so deserving.

“He actually went out to a yard sale around his house and bought a bike for that child and brought it in to him on his next shift and gave it to the youngster, which is just an amazing person himself,” Zwigart said.

Penbrook’s Police Chief David Hiester called Officer Frederick to the department for a meeting, and that’s when Zwigart came knocking.

“Hi Ron, I’m here with FOX43 News. I’m here to Pay it Forward to you to help you out brother and I know you’ve been through a lot,” Zwigart told Frederick.

“Thank you very much,” Frederick replied. “Thank you.”

Officer Frederick is eager to get back to work.

“It’s been long, it’s been hard being off the job,” he said. “Not knowing what’s in store for the future.”

He knows when he does come back, the force will be happy to have him.

“It’s pretty awesome, Todd’s a great guy,” Frederick said. “I have a great bunch of friends.”

Doctors haven’t given Officer Frederick a timeline as to when he can return to work.

The accident left him with five broken ribs, a head injury, three fractures in his back and a torn knee.

Local News

Paying it Forward in Leola, Lancaster County

A student of a Lancaster County music teacher, who inspires others both in and out of the classroom, surprises him with $200 from FOX43’s Pay it Forward.

Asking around in Leola, FOX43’s Pay it Forward crew found Dawn Gaddy and her daughter Janae. They wanted to Pay it Forward to Brian Bartch, Janae’s longtime music teacher at Lancaster County Christian School.

“He’s very cheerful and he’s an encouragement to a lot of people,” Janae said. “He gave me a love for music and when I grow up, I want to be very involved with music.”

Mr. Bartch has also been through a lot of pain. His wife Heidi, also an educator, died of breast cancer in May 2009, leaving Bartch a single dad of three sons.

“I’m sure it’s got to be difficult, being a single father with three boys, with everybody going back to school, and I think it would just be a huge blessing to him,” Dawn Gaddy said.

Dawn and Janae loaded up into their car and drove to Mr. Bartch’s home in Akron to surprise him with the money.

“We’re here with FOX43’s Pay it Forward and we wanted to present you with 200 dollars, because you have been an inspiration and a blessing to me and many others,” Janae told Mr. Bartch. “And I know it must be very hard to raise three boys by yourself and so that’s why we wanted to give you this money.”

“Oh! Thank you very much! God Bless You!” Mr. Bartch said.

He said he was definitely taken by surprise over the unexpected gift, but he wasn’t at all surprised by the giver.

“Janae is very thoughtful,” Mr. Bartch said. “She has a great head on her shoulders and a great big heart.”

His teaching philosophy is simple: Subject matter second, students first.

“Whenever anybody asks you what you teach, tell them, ‘I teach children,'” he said.

Mr. Bartch said he plans to use the 200 dollars to buy music supplies for his classroom.

Local News

Paying it Forward in York

This week’s Pay it Forward is in York, where a 22-year-old young woman is in the fight of her life against a rare form of cancer.

A year ago, Tiana Coreano was just like any other 21 year old. She was a college senior at the time, bright and vivacious, living on her own and holding down a full-time job.

All of that changed when she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, an extremely rare form of pediatric bone cancer.

“She was so energetic and outgoing,” said Dakota Slenker, who lives next door to Tiana. “She loved to go out and do things and she can’t now. Now, she’s either stuck in the house, or stuck in the hospital.”

Slenker has witnessed the trials that Tiana and her mom, Leslie Flores, have gone through over the past year of treatments. With huge medical expenses, they’re just barely scraping by.

“Well there’s a shot she gets twice a month. It’s 3,800 dollars that insurance doesn’t cover,” Slenker said. “She’s sitting in debt of like 17 grand.”

Slenker took the Pay it Forward crew to Tiana’s house, so we could surprise her with $200.

“Hi Tiana! I’m here with FOX43, and this is the Pay it Forward and I want to give you 200 dollars,” Slenker told Tiana, who had just gotten out of bed.

“No!” Tiana replied in disbelief.

“I want to tell you that you’re amazing and I hope this helps,” added Slenker.

“Thank you, Dakota!” Tiana said.

Tiana makes sure to smile often, though many days it’s a struggle to get out of bed.

“Just the daily, going through this and being so sick and being very young at the same time, with being very independent and having everything and then coming back home and being taken care of like a small child again, it’s very hard,” she said.

But she stays positive and grounded with the encouragement of her family and friends. Her attitude through it all is an inspiration to others.

“Whatever helps me get through one more day, could also help somebody else get through one more day,” Tiana said.

Blood and monetary donations would be a great help to Tiana right now.

Wherever you donate blood, you can tell the staff to designate it for Tiana Coreano at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. If you aren’t a match, the blood will go to another child receiving treatment at the hospital.

Tiana’s mother has set up a account to help with her medical bills. You can donate to it here.

Local News

Paying it Forward in Lemoyne, Cumberland County

This week’s Pay it Forward is in Lemoyne, Cumberland County. It’s where a couple wanted to brighten the day of a friend struggling with some serious health issues.

At first, our Pay it Forward crew was striking out with nominations. One anonymous donor instead insisted on adding $25 to the pay it forward pot, bringing this week’s gift to $225.

Our luck turned around when we came across Mike and Amy Miles. The Miles immediately thought of their friend Bernard Fisher, Mike’s fraternity brother. He hasn’t been able to work while battling issues with his prostate and kidneys.

“He has no insurance, and he really could use it,” Amy Miles said. “No family here, he’s from Philadelphia, and since he’s his fraternity brother, we thought this could be a big, big, help to him.”

When the Miles surprised Fisher at his Lower Paxton Township apartment, he couldn’t believe it.

“My God, what are we on television?” Fisher asked.

“We came here to give you something, 225 dollars!” Amy Miles said.

“Are you serious?” Fisher replied.

Fisher said friends like the Miles and the great care he has received from the staff at Hershey Medical Center have helped him to get better. He encourages all men to get prostate exams and stay on top of their health.

“I look forward to having a productive life as a result of their outstanding care,” he said. “I’m very humbled by this and I’m shocked. I’m usually emotional, but I’m glad I have my glasses on.”

Fisher had to have his prostate removed earlier this month. His doctors now want him to focus on regaining the weight he lost.