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Pay it Forward

Each week, FOX43’s Trang Do travels across Central Pennsylvania in search of people who want to surprise someone they know with $200. Watch “Pay it Forward” every Wednesday night on FOX43 News at 10.

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Paying it Forward in Windsor Twp, York County

This week’s Pay it Forward is in Windsor Township, York County, where one family’s strength and courage through adversity is an inspiration to those around them.

Raising five kids isn’t easy, and for Debbie Baublitz, it’s even more difficult. Ten years ago, her son Zack Fuller, who’s now 25, suffered traumatic brain injuries after he was hit by a car.

A little more than a month ago, another terrible accident happened, involving Baublitz’ 24-year-old son Matt Fuller.

“She had a son that was helping a neighbor trim trees and a branch fell down and knocked him off of his ladder and as of right now, he still has paralysis in his legs,” said family friend Rachel Newcomer.

Newcomer said┬áBaublitz’ handles everything life has thrown at her with grace.

“Even at the end of the day, when she is so exhausted, she always says there’s somebody worse off than me,” Newcomer said. “She’s just so inspiring and I don’t think she realizes how much she influences other people.”

For that, Newcomer wanted to “pay it forward” to┬áBaublitz with $200 from FOX43.

“I came today to Pay it Forward to you, because I want you to know how much you inspire me and you are so appreciated with your family and everybody you meet,” Newcomer told Baublitz. “I just know you can use it right now.”

Matt Fuller said he too is amazed by everything his mom does to care for him and his brother.

“I don’t know how she does it,” he said. “I don’t know where she gets her energy from.”

Baublitz said a great support system, and unexpected acts of kindness along the way, help her through the most difficult times.

“When one person shows a kindness back, it gives you enough to go on another day and face another day, because there are people out there that do care,” she said.

Baublitz’ has three older children, two sons and a daughter.

Her eldest sons also has special needs.

Local News

Paying it Forward in Hummelstown, Dauphin County

This week’s Pay it Forward is in Hummelstown, Dauphin County, where a chance meeting between two strangers inspired one to help the other.

Cristina Jimenez is packing up for a big move and she’s also getting rid of a lot of things.
She recently put up an ad on Craigslist to see if there were any takers, and one of the responses came from John Hill.

“It just happened to be that I contacted him and not somebody else, and asked him to come and pick up these things,” she said. “He came in and he was just an incredible guy from the beginning.”

Hill told Jimenez he goes around collecting scrap and other items people don’t want, to sell them to help support his family. Jimenez noticed Hill was having trouble hearing her and learned that he uses hearing aids in both ears.

“He said well, ‘I would really like to get some new ones, but he said they’re more than 700 dollars and I can’t afford them,'” she said. “So after I had given him the things, I said, ‘I wish I had something more to give him.'”

Jimenez then thought of FOX43’s “Pay it Forward,” where a deserving person is surprised with $200. Jimenez called Hill to tell him she had more things for him to pick up.

Little did he know, it would include $200.

“I just wanted to give you something because last time when you came, I just thought you were an awesome person and so I just wanted to surprise you, so surprise!” Jimenez told Hill when he showed up at her house. “They’re giving you 200 dollars.”

Hill was stunned.

“Totally surprised. Nothing that I would ever expect to happen to me,” Hill said.

Before packing up his van to hit the road, Hill just couldn’t believe the generosity of a stranger he met through Craigslist.

“She was great for everything she did for me,” he said. “It just couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Hill has four kids between the ages of 13 and two. Two of his children have special needs. He said he’s looking forward to paying off some bills.

Local News

Paying it Forward in Millersville, Lancaster County

This week’s Pay it Forward is in Millersville, Lancaster County, where one woman wanted to help a hardworking, single mom going through a difficult time.

Everyone knows a mom who leaves no time for herself and always puts her kids and others first. For Kristina Bennawit, that person is her close friend Sara Vargas.

“She raised two wonderful girls, all on her own and she works very hard and I just want to be able to give back to her, what she gives to everybody else,” Bennawit said.

Vargas’ elderly parents live in Florida and are both ill. She has been trying to come up with the money to go see them while her father undergoes major surgery.

“I wanted to see if I could help her with a plane ticket, or gas money or anything to help her go and see her dad before it’s too late,” Bennawit said.

Off we went to Millersville, where Vargas had no idea we were about to bring her joy at her job, surprising her with $200.

“What the heck Kristina!” Vargas said when she saw our FOX43 camera.

“I’m with FOX43, the pay it forward,” Bennawit said. “Here’s 200 dollars, so you can see your dad.”

“I’m shaking right now. She’s a good friend and she knows I want to see my parents,” Vargas said. “She just really got me! She just surprised me! I love her.”

With that $200 in gas money, Vargas will be driving to Florida Saturday to be with her parents.

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Paying it forward in Duncannon, Perry County

In this week’s Pay it Forward, a Duncannon, Perry County woman surprises a hardworking and giving, but struggling family with $200.

Phyllis Krieger moved to Duncannon a few months ago. But her former neighbors in New Buffalo, Emory and Jennifer Holler, are often on her mind.

“They’re hard workers,” Krieger said. “He takes on a lot of jobs. He collects scrap metals to cash them in to support his family. They have four kids and they just keep working hard but you know, the car breaks down, the washer breaks down.”

When Krieger heard about the Hollers’ latest struggles, she felt they were due for a visit from Pay it Forward.

“They’ve taken families in that need a home and helped them out for a few months,” she said. “Even though they’re struggling, they take in struggling families.”

When Krieger arrived at the Hollers’ house to surprise them with the money, Jennifer Holler was gardening in the front yard.

“It’s awesome, you don’t find that much in people. I don’t know, it’s a rare thing nowadays,” Holler said.

Holler used her last paycheck to repair her broken down car, replacing the broken washer had to wait.

“Between babysitting and trying to get a vehicle working, it’s hard to do just those two things,” she said. “Let alone pay all of the bills and when something breaks trying to replace it.”

For Holler, the unexpected help is a welcome surprise.

“I’m still kind of in shock,” she said. “It’s a great thing though. I wasn’t expecting it at all.”

Holler said she is definitely using the $200 to replace the family’s broken washer.

Local News

Paying it Forward in Schaefferstown, Lebanon County

A Schaefferstown, Lebanon County volunteer firefighter is giving back to a family of fellow firefighters going through a difficult time, surprising them with $200 from FOX43’s Pay it Forward.

Mike and Gretta Stuber and their three children are longtime members of the Schaefferstown Volunteer Fire Department, helping to protect their community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now, they’re the ones who need the help.

“He’s a disabled vet now. His wife has some medical issues with Lupus and everything else and his daughter has been battling cancer for about a year now,” said fellow firefighter Jeff Halye.

Halye is coordinating an effort to get the Stubers’ roof repaired. Mike Stuber had planned to do it himself, but the project was put on hold when his daughter Caitlyn was diagnosed with Leukemia.

“They’re good people,” Halye said. “They give to their community everyday and all I want to do is give back to them.”

Mike Stuber’s face was full of emotion when he thanked Halye for the $200 gift.

“We’re all members of the fire department, so we just do and you don’t expect anything back,” Mike Stuber said.

The Stubers are taking things one day at a time as Caitlyn undergoes chemotherapy, but they’re already thinking about ways they can give back as soon as they can.

“We’ll definitely pay it forward,” Stuber said. “We live by that.”

Volunteers led by Halye will begin work on the Stubers’ roof on June 12th. Halye is still looking for manpower and donations to help finish the project. If you can help, contact Jeff Halye at (717) 821-2776.

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Paying it Forward in Quarryville, Lancaster County

A southern Lancaster County man surprises his neighbor with $200 from FOX43’s Pay it Forward, for always pitching in to help him and others in need.

When our Pay it Forward crew stopped Donald Grimm outside of Musser’s Market in East Drumore Township and asked who would nominate to receive $200, he didn’t have to think any further than his neighbor Charles Spilker.

Spilker is a dad of seven who still finds the time to be a good neighbor.

Several heart attacks and bypass surgery have slowed Grimm down and Spilker is always there to lend a hand.

“He’s very helpful. He helps everybody he can,” Grimm said. “And he’s been very helpful to me and my wife, as far as taking care of things that are a little too much for me to deal with.”

“When you have seven kids of your own, it’s a real nice thing to do,” he added.

Grimm took us to Spilker’s home to surprise him with the money.

“You have been nominated to receive a gift here from FOX43, because you’re a deserving man,’ Grimm told Spilker. “Because you’ve been such a good help, I had the opportunity to nominate you, for a token of everyone’s appreciation.”

“With seven children, money always comes in, it’s very needed here, so we’re very thankful,” Spilker said.

He’s also thankful to call Grimm his neighbor and friend.

“He’s been there for me just as much as I’ve been there for him. It goes both ways,” Spilker said.

“We care about each other. We watch out for each other. You check up and you call someone and you see how they’re doing. I mean that’s what neighbors should do,” he added.

Local News

Paying it Forward in Jacobus, York County

This week’s Pay it Forward is in Jacobus, York County, where we surprised a man who’s feeding people’s bellies and souls with his homemade soups.

“The soup is more or less an outreach from mom, because she, she was always a giver,” said John McHenry, 79. “She was a giver when she had hardly anything.”

For the past 20 years, McHenry has been making and delivering soup weekly to people who are homebound, going through illnesses or just fans of his culinary creations.

“I charge no one, and I accept nothing,” he said. “If someone wants to pay, I say, ‘Give it to the church for the food bank.'”

McHenry’s recipes are often inspired by his mother Peg, who worked hard to raise five young children alone after her husband’s death.

“Mom made sure we learned how to cook and most of the cooking was done with the ingredients from our garden,” he said.

This particular week, McHenry had ten drop-offs to make, feeding a total of 22 people.

His first stop was Frank Franklin’s house. Franklin said McHenry’s soup is great, but his character is even better.

“I couldn’t say enough,” Franklin said. “He’s absolutely great. I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

At McHenry’s second stop, FOX43 had a surprise in store for him, $200 from Pay it Forward.

“Oh my word!” McHenry said. “Now I’m going to have to make soup for another three weeks!”

Making and delivering homemade soup from scratch is no easy task.

McHenry plans to retire from his weekly soup delivery when he turns 80 on May 30th.

He said he’ll miss seeing the people more than anything.

“I’ve got fantastic people,” McHenry said. “I mean if they started out as strangers, they end up as friends, they always do. They’re fantastic people. And they’re all very humble.”

Family and friends are throwing McHenry an 80th birthday party on March 26 from 3pm-6pm at The Grove Building in Jacobus.

McHenry said he’d love for all of his friends to attend.

Local News

Paying it Forward in Annville, Lebanon County

In this week’s Pay it Forward, an Annville, Lebanon County man surprises a woman he considers a mother figure with $200.

“I think she deserves it, most of all!” said Ron Guringo, about his former mother-in-law, Dorothy Whorley.

Whorley still plays a major role in Guringo’s life, helping him care for his daughter and just being there for him and everyone else in her life when they need her.

“Over the past, 14-15 years, she’s been like my mother,” he said. “She scolds me when I do something wrong, when I say something wrong. But she’s my friend.”

“I’ve always wanted to do more for her and I think this is, this is that little boost that’ll make me feel better,” added Guringo. “That I could say, ‘Yeah, I did this for her.'”

“Hey Ma! I got a surprise for you,” Guringo said as he presented Whorley with the money.

“Oh my goodness! Thank you very much!” Whorley said.

Just like Guringo sees Whorley as a mom, she views him as a son.

“Yeah, he’s good to us. He’s good. Uh huh. He buys six loaves of bread and gives us three. He always does that!” she said.

Even now at 80, taking care of kids, biological or not, is what brings Whorley the most joy.

“I love ‘em! Yup! I raised foster kids,” she said. “Yeah, any kids that come around I get all the hugs.”

As for how she plans to spend the money, Whorley said she recently lost 60 pounds and is going to buy new pants that actually fit her.

A Bishop McDevitt High School senior, who’s making a big difference in her community, was surprised with $200 in this week’s Pay it Forward.

Girl scout troop leader Patty Desmond always knew there was something special about one of her scouts in particular, 18-year-old Rikka Olsen.

“When she set her goals, she knew what she wanted and you just never stop her,” Desmond said.

Rikka’s determination led her to develop “Full Bowls for Furry Souls.”

The program works in conjunction with Meals on Wheels in Dauphin County to provide pet food for low-income senior citizens who struggle to feed themselves and their pets.

Rikka’s hard work earned her the Gold Award, the Girl Scouts’ highest honor.

“She’s a very compassionate person,” Desmond said. “She’s not thinking of herself in any way. I mean this is just a huge need and she’s fulfilling it.”

Desmond and our FOX43 Pay it Forward crew set off to surprise Rikka at Susquehanna Township High School’s track, where she was practicing with her team.

“Rikka Olsen, I’m here with FOX43 because you’re so awesome, and I’m here to present you with $200,” Desmond said.

“This is awesome!” Rikka replied.

Rikka, an animal lover with three horses, four dogs and two cats, couldn’t bear to think of pets going hungry or owners having to give them up.

“I kind of grew up with animals, they’ve been a big part of their life since I was really little,” she said. “So, helping them out, helping people.”

Along with everything Rikka does, she’s aiming high, hoping to expand Full Bowls for Furry Souls to help even more seniors and their animals.

“I want to be able to help everyone and everyone’s pet,” she said. “Make sure that they’re okay and to be a big part of their life is really rewarding for me.”

The pet food for Full Bowls for Furry Souls is donated by the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

It’s currently helping 50 needy seniors and their pets.