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Police Incident in West Manheim Township

Police have released the name of the man killed Monday afternoon during a standoff with police in York County.

Officers from the West Manheim Township Police were dispatched to the 2200 block of Baltimore Pike around 12:54 p.m. to serve an arrest warrant for  man wanted out of Carroll County, MD.

The man, identified, as 53-year-old Brian Anthony Costley, of  West Manheim, was wanted for a violation of pretrial services on a DUI charge.

According to police reports, Costley opened fire of police when officers attempted to serve the  warrant.

One of the officers returned fire while retreating to find cover, police said. Costley then barricaded himself inside the home.

When the York County Quick Response team forced their way inside–they found Costley dead at the scene.

State police and the York County District Attorney’s office are investigating.

None of the officers involved in the incident were hurt.

Two officers were placed on administrative leave.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday at Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Pennsylvania State Police say one man is dead after police in West Manheim Township, York County served a warrant and had shots fired at them.
FOX43 is told that officers surrounded a home in the 2600 block of Baltimore Pike shortly after noon on Monday.
It was a very scary afternoon for 17-year-old Brandan Mitten.
He tells FOX43 that he woke up around 12:30 to police surrounding his neighbor’s white brick home.
He was told to stay inside and not to leave his living room, which was where he watched the entire scene unfold.
A picture of police taking cover behind a squad car with their weapons aimed at a house is a snapshot of what Brandan Mitten experienced today.
“A lot of cops, sheriffs the whole nine yards they had flood lights, megaphones, everything. (And you were watching it from your window?) Yeah I watched the entire time,” says Brandan Mitten.
Mitten says he then heard a gunshot.
“He shot at the police officer and missed and then the police officer shot,” says Mitten.
And while all this was happening, Mitten’s mother was unable to get to her son because police closed off the area.
“I was crying I wasn’t as calm as I am now because I’m looking at him and seeing that he’s okay but in a situation like this any parent that can’t get to their child, it’s really hard,” says Mitten’s mother, Carrieann Galbreath.
Mitten says what he witnessed has hit him hard and this experienced will stay with him forever.

“I talked to the guy a few times and he never really seemed like a bad guy,” says Mitten
Pennsylvania State Police are not releasing the manner in which the man died.
A press release states that the man opened fire on officers while they were trying to serve an arrest warrant, the officers fired back, and after that the man barricaded himself inside of the residence.
The incident is still being investigated, but no law enforcement members were injured during the incident.

A police incident that began at about 1:30 Monday afternoon near Hanover, York County is over.  It all began when officers from the West Manheim Twp Police Department attempted to serve a warrant on an unidentified male at a home in the 2000 block of Baltimore Pike, West Manheim Township.

Upon arrival, the man opened fire on the officers.  The officers returned fire and the man barricaded himself inside of the home.  Police setup roadblocks sealing the area. Traffic was re-routed The York County QRT (Quick Response Team) was called to the scene and after several hours entered the home and discovered the subject deceased.

No law enforcement members were injured during this entire incident.  The incident is currently being investigated by member of the Pennsylvania State Police.  No other details at this time.

York County

Local News

Police shut down road near Hanover


Courtesy: York Fire Wire

Photo Courtesy of A Collins And Carroll Fire Wire

Police have set up a barricade on the Baltimore Pike in West Manheim Township. A suspect reportedly fired at a police officer and police have surrounded a residence in the 2600 block of the Baltimore Pike, near the Hanover Mini-Mart.

The incident may affect the dismissal of students from West Manheim Elementary School in Soutwestern School District. Parents are advised not to attempt to get to the school. Police will turn you around. All students are safe and secure.

FOX43 News will have more on this story as it develops.