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The Northern York County Regional Police Department has identified the vehicle and the driver in a reported attempt by a man to lure two 12 year girls in Jackson Township Friday morning. The NYCRPD has confirmed that the man who lives in Spring Grove Borough had lost his chocolate Lab. The man was driving around looking for the dog and asking people he saw if they had seen the dog. The dog was subsequently found in a different part of the borough. The finder of the dog notified a veterinary office in Gettysburg, who in turn notified the owner.

Relatives of the man had observed the numerous posts about this incident on social media and notified the NYCRPD and school district of the innocent mistake made by the man. The NYCRPD has interviewed the man and concluded that there was no criminal intent on his part, only poor judgment in approaching the students and then leaving the area prior to advising the witnessing teacher of what he was doing. The name of the subject will not be released.

The Northern York County Regional Police Department would like to thank those that participated in the social media blitz that accompanied this incident. This incident is a prime example of how social media can assist law enforcement in quickly disseminating vital information and bringing quick resolution to rapidly unfolding situations.u

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Man tried to lure 2 girls into his truck


Northern York Regional Police are searching for a man who allegedly tried to lure two 12-year-old girls into his truck in Jackson Township.

The two girls were outside Spring Grove Middle School at 44 Old Hanover Road, when a man, identity unknown, driving a pickup truck tried tricking the girls to ride along with him while he looked for his lost dog.

The two girls had been outside for gym class when they were approached by the man. The gym teacher noticed what was happening and intervened, police said.

The man,driving a light gray Dodge or Ford truck, fled the parking lot and was last seen heading West on Old Hanover Road towards Hanover. The incident occurred just after 10AM police said.

Police are describing the man as a white male in his 20′s with dirty blond hair and brilliant blue eyes.

Neither student was harmed and were immediately taken back into the school.

Police are still investigating this incident. Anyone with information are asked to contact the Northern York Regional Police Department at 717-292-3647.