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The 2013 Pennsylvania Farm Show

The 2013 Pennsylvania Farm Show, set for Jan. 5-12, pays tribute to the state’s number one industry, agriculture and the products made and grown here.

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The PA Farm Show Scholarship Foundation is celebrating two big milestones.

This year’s show marks 20 years of giving out scholarships to deserving young people taking part in the show. In those 20 years, the foundation has given out more than $1 million.

Thirty-five students will be awarded scholarships this year.

“All that money is going to youth,” said Morgan Firestine, special events coordinator for the PA Farm Show Scholarship Foundation. “It’s a huge deal for the Farm Show Scholarship Foundation, because these youth here that are showing are benefiting from the dollars that we’ve raised.”

The foundation is supported by the sale of livestock at the Farm Show and also through donations from area businesses. The sale of champions is set for Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the Sale Arena at the Farm Show Complex.


PA Farm Show Preview of Events 7am

PA Farm Show Preview of Events 7am


PA Farm Show Preview of Events 6am Interview

PA Farm Show Preview of Events 6am Interview


PA Farm Show Preview of Events 5am

PA Farm Show Preview of Events 5am

The 97th annual Pennsylvania Farm Show got underway this weekend.

The event features 6,000 animals this year and its not only a place for local residents, it attracts people from all across that state.

The crowds get a chance to enjoy everything from exhibits to food and taking a look at their favorite animals.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show officially kicks off Saturday, but food vendors were up and running all day Friday.

FOX43′s Jessica Reyes got a taste of what the show has to offer for the first time this year.

“The mozzarella cheese cubes have grown in popularly every year since we started them. We dip them in batter, fry them, and it has become extremely popular,” said Dave Smith of the PA Dairymen’s Association.

“Everybody just loves and raves about these. All my friends and stuff, they all love them,” Clark Kitner of Valley Grange said of the milkshakes at the show.

The Farm Show will be at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg through January 12.


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DEP Exhibit at Farm Show

For the first time at the State Farm Show, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will have it’s own exhibit.  The “DEP at Home” exhibit aims at stressing the importance of sustainability, energy conservation and conservation of resources.  The exhibit features a house with several rooms that include multiple environmentally friendly and energy efficient products and appliances.  The exhibit even has tips on how to make the appliances you have more energy efficient.

Local News

What’s New for 2013 PA Farm Show



The 97th annual Pennsylvania Farm Show gets underway in Harrisburg on Saturday. It pays tribute to the state’s number one industry, agriculture.

“Everything from the rodeos to the horse pulling contest. We have the competitive aspect of it, which is the animals that are competing against each other,” said Patrick Kerwin, Farm Show Executive Director.

The theme for this year’s farm show focuses on products grown and processed in PA.

“We’re encouraging all of our visitors to think about this as they go to the grocery store and select PA products,” said Kerwin.

This year’s farm show has some new additions. Wineries from all over Pennsylvania compete in different categories, and people who come to the farm show can taste and buy the wines.

“This year they completely revised that whole department, so now more wineries will be able to give you samples and that kind of thing,” said Beverly Gruber.

In addition to the expanded wine-tasting area, another new activity that will take place in the small arena is Cow Patty Bingo. Also there will be a celebrity grape stomping competition at the farm show.

Around 8,000 animals will be competing at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg this year, and there will be more than 10,000 exhibits. People spent the day setting up their juiciest apples, sweetest honey and grooming their prized cattle.

Ginger Woolcock of Woolcock Farms in Columbia County, has come to the farm show since 1988. She said a lot of hard work goes into preparing her cattle. Everything from training the calves to walk next to her, to putting them on special diets.

“Then you start getting their hair ready to go to the farm show. That means washing, rinsing, in the cold weather you mist it,” said Woolcock.

In addition to setting up the displays and prepping the animals, food vendors have been at the farm show complex since before Christmas getting their stands ready.

“All this has to be brought in and set up and assembled,” said William Troxell.

The Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association is based out of Snyder County. A group of volunteers will serve deep-fried vegetables and pumpkin funnel cake to many of the 400,000 or so people who will attend the farm show.

“All together it’s over 200 people who volunteer. To make it go we need about 20-30 here at a time,” said Troxell.

The vendors said all of the preparations are worth it. Woolcock said it is a good way to sell cattle, and she gets to see her “farm show family.”

“A lot of the people you only see when you’re at a farm show. In fact, I’ve got friends coming on Sunday that used to come to the farm show and haven’t been here in about 10 years. We’re looking forward to a reunion,” said Woolcock.

The event starts on Saturday and lasts eight days. Admission is free, but parking is $10.

Thursday evening, the 2013 Farm Show butter sculpture was revealed in Harrisburg.  It’s a representation of Pennsylvania’s diverse agricultural industry.  You can see it’s a mixture of items including trees, a turkey and giant check mark among other items.  It was made from nearly 1,000 pounds of butter.


The sculpture is a long-standing tradition at the annual Farm Show.  The food court opens Friday afternoon.  Exhibits open Saturday and run through January 12th.    There are about 6,000 animals and 10,000 exhibits focusing on agriculture.

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