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HACC abduction suspect pleads guilty

A judge on Friday sentenced the man who said he abducted a student at random at Harrisburg Area Community College to 25 to 50 years in prison.

Clarence Shaffer was arrested the day after the abduction and accused of also sexually assaulting the young woman he forced into his car.

After his arrest, he admitted to his crimes to FOX43.

Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said given Shaffer’s age (he’s 53) and his past criminal history, it’s likely he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison.

“First time he could get out of prison would be 25 years from now, very unlikely he would get out at 25. He’s maxed out on every other sentence he’s done,” said Freed. He added “(We) talked with the victim to see what her wishes were. And, to be able to wrap this up, to get a lengthy sentence without a trial, definitely believe that was the best way to go.”

Security officials at Harrisburg Area Community College are taking a closer at campus safety after a man abducted a woman in the middle of class Wednesday night.

It’s the second abduction on campus this school year. In November, Clarence Shaffer admitted to picking a female student a random and forcing her into his car at gunpoint.

This time, police say Julian Amway forced his girlfriend out of her classroom Wednesday, threatening to kill her before police caught up with them a couple hours later. Police say she suffered some minor injuries.

“We are a safe campus. It’s unfortunate that this incident happened. Crimes happen everywhere in this country, and this one landed right on our front doorstep,” said Ian Parchen, assistant director of public safety at HACC.

Parchen said each building is equipped with security cameras inside. Since last fall’s kidnapping, he said security supervisors are working every shift and manpower is roughly the same on each shift.

During Wednesday’s alleged kidnapping, Parchen said several people tried calling campus security. The influx of calls overwhelmed the system, leaving some to be sent to a voicemail.

“They were smart enough to go ahead and call 911 right away and get the information out that way. And, that is something that we’re looking at in the future and how we can alleviate that bottleneck,” said Parchen.

Parchen said all classrooms are supposed to equipped with locks. Some students told FOX43 their rooms were not, which Parchen said will be addressed.

The college sent text alerts to students and others in the community notifying them the campus was going into lockdown. Students in classrooms were advised to remain there, while others were told to leave campus.

“I did feel pretty good that they send text messages right away. That’s pretty quick,” said Juan Diaz, a second-year student.

Some students said they’ve noticed an increased security presence since last fall’s kidnapping but would still like to see that increased.

“Security’s OK during the day, but I think we might need to up it a little more during the night, especially until all the kids are gone,” said Amanda Blose.

No other students were injured during Wednesday’s incident.

A magisterial district judge set Amway’s bond at $500,000. He remains in the Dauphin County Prison until a preliminary hearing Feb. 22.


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Update on HACC abduction

2013-02-02046 Julian AmwayHarrisburg Police have charged 33-year old Julian Amway with the abduction of a 34-year old woman from HACC’s Harrisburg campus Wednesday evening. At about 6:20 p.m. Wednesday, police received reports that a man was threatening a class with a weapon.

Amway indicated that he had a handgun and forced the victim, his girlfriend, from the building. The campus was shut down while campus security and Harrisburg Police searched all vehicles leaving the campus.

After questioning family members of the victim, officers were able to locate the pair near the Dock Street Dam at around 8:30 p.m. Amway was taken into police custody at that time.

The victim told police that Amway had been jealous and did not believe she was actually attending a class. After forcing her into his car, Amway drove around the Harrisburg area, repeatedly beating her. The victim suffered several contusions from the assault.

Amway made her drive them to the Dock Street Dam and once they arrived she tried to flee the vehicle. Amway chased and caught her just as officers arrived. He threatened to kill her several times during the abduction.

Harrisburg Police say Amway was not armed but did have drug paraphernalia in his possession.  He has been charged with Kidnapping, Simple Assault, Terroristic Threats and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

The investigation continues and anyone having any information on this is asked to contact Lt. Robert Fegan at 717-255-3114 or email to reach officers handling the case. Anyone may also call the Dauphin County Police dispatch at 717-558-6900 and ask for a City detective.

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Suspect arrested in HACC abduction

Harrisburg City Police make an arrest in the apparent abduction of a female HACC student.  The suspect was identified as Julian Amway.  He was taken into at around 8:30 this evening in the Shipoke section of the city near the Dock street dam.  The unidentified female student was unharmed.

Earlier this evening, HACC’s Harrisburg campus was on lock down while police searched for the couple.  The incident reportedly stemmed from a domestic dispute.

Local News

HACC Harrisburg campus now open

Harrisburg Area Community College Harrisburg campus has reopened.   The campus was closed for hours while Harrisburg City Police and campus security searched for a man and woman believed involved in a domestic dispute.  . Students on campus tonight were asked to remain in their classrooms while the search was underway.

The campus was declared secure at around 8 o’clock this evening.  Normal classes have resumed.  City Police continue their search off campus.