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A cat likely used a few of its nine lives making a trip from the East Shore to the West Shore in the engine of a car.

On Tuesday, a Dauphin County man was getting ready to go to work when he heard a cat inside his car.

He popped the hood and tried to get the animal out, but it wouldn’t budge.

Assuming the cat got out on its own, he drove to work, then once again heard the animal.

A veterinarian was called to help rescue the cat now named Turbo.

Turbo suffered a burn on his belly, several cuts, and his ear had to be reconstructed.

His stitches will be removed Wednesday and he will then be available for adoption into a forever family.

One lucky cat apparently survived a trip from Harrisburg to Lower Allen Township in the engine compartment of a car. Lower Allen Police, Public Safety and Lower Allen Fire Company responded to the call to rescue the feline Tuesday morning. It is believed the cat was stuck in the engine compartment from the time the driver left Harrisburg. Animal Emergency Medical Center, a new business on Ritter Road, assisted with removal and treatment of the cat.
Surprisingly, the cat suffered no broken bones, only some soft tissue injuries. Animal Emergecy Medical Center will be continuing care of the cat.
Good on ya, Rescuers!