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A 70-year-old man accused of fondling a 2-year-old girl at Walmart earlier this month will stand trial on five charges against him.

Magisterial District Judge Scott Gross found during a preliminary hearing Wednesday there’s enough evidence against Robert Alfrey to move the case forward.

Police in Newberry Township, York County, says on July 8 Alfrey followed the 2-year-old and her mother around Walmart. Police looked at surveillance video of Alfrey in the produce section and then again near a RedBox movie machine.

Police say he began to leave the store and then came back to the shopping cart where the girl was. When the girl’s mother was looking away, police say the man touched the girl’s leg and and then rubbed her “private parts,” according to charging documents. The girl’s mother as about three feet from the cart, police say.

“I think 25 years ago, maybe 20 years ago, an older individual touches a little girl on her thigh to be playful, to be friendly would certainly be viewed differently than it is today,” said Chris Ferro, Alfrey’s attorney.

Alfrey is charged with five crimes including indecent assault and corruption of minors. He is scheduled for an arraignment September 6. He’s been released on $50,000 bail.

ALFREY MUGNewberry Township, York County -  More details are emerging about the man charged with fondling a 2-year-old sitting in a shopping cart at Walmart in Newberry Township, York County.  Seventy-year-old Robert Alfrey was arrested and charged with five counts after he allegedly followed a 2-year-old girl around Walmart, eventually touching her in her private area.

The situation started on Monday night when police believe Alfrey entered the Walmart and began following around a 2-year-old girl and her mother.  The 70-year-old was first spotted on surveillance camera video around the girl in the produce aisle.  Several minutes later, surveillance camera video shows Alfrey walking by the little girl, touching the cart she was sitting in as her mother shopped at a RedBox movie machine. 

“He stalked this child and this mother around the store,” said Chief John Snyder, Newberry Township Police.

Alfrey then appears to leave the store but he turns around only a short distance away.  He then approaches the cart a second time and touches the girl’s leg before making his way up her leg towards her private areas.  The cart was standing only about three feet from the mother at the time of the incident, according to Chief Snyder.  A nearby shopper screamed at Alfrey and he ran into the parking lot.

“You can see him systematically doing this.  He knows what he is doing.  This is not a mere encounter,” Snyder said.

The mother was able to get the license plate number and police tracked him down later at this nearby York County home.  Chief Snyder says by the time police tracked Alfrey down at his house, he had already changed his clothes.  He was arrested and charged with five counts including Corruption of Minors, which is a felony.  He was released on $50,000 bail.

Police detectives were able to access some of the security video from Walmart and that has helped in the investigation.  Chief Snyder says the video “made the hair on the back of his neck standup.”  He says Alfrey moved about the store with “calculated movements” before attacking the girl.  The 70-year-old never purchased anything.

“The world today, you just can’t, I don’t want her out of my sight even more,” said mother Mandy Caron.

“I have always let people talk to my kids but I don’t know anymore,” said mother Alisha Jenkins.

The investigation continues and a preliminary hearing has been set for the suspect for July 31.

A York County man allegedly sexually assaults a toddler sitting in a Walmart shopping cart.  Police say 70 year old Robert Alfrey, of Lewisberry, approached the toddler at the Walmart Store in Newberry Township.  Alfrey allegedly assaulted the child as she sat in a shopping cart with her mother just a few feet away.  Alfrey had initially touched the child as he left the store.  Moments later he returned from the store parking lot and again touched the child apparently in her genital area with his hands.

A store patron witnessed what happened and verbally confronted Alfrey forcing him to stop. Alfrey then left the store, but witnesses recorded his vehicle registration.  The entire incident was recorded by store surveillance cameras. The recordings revealed that Alfrey had followed the child around the store.

Newberry Township Police  located Alfrey and took him into custody without incident.  Charges against Alfrey include Indecent Assault without the Consent of Others, Indecent Assault of Persons less than 13 years of Age, Corruption of Minors and Disorderly Conduct.  Alfrey was taken York County Prison, but is now free on $50,000 bail.