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Shots Fired at Hall Manor

Multi-shots can be heard in the area of Hall Manor in Harrisburg this evening.   State and local police along with a SWAT team have a home surrounded where a homicide fugitive is reportedly barricaded.   Several unconfirmed reports are that there has been an injury.  Several homes in Hall Manor have been evacuated in the area near an elementary school. The incident began earlier Monday afternoon.

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harrisburg standoff

A nine hour standoff in Harrisburg ends with the suspect dead and a police officer injured. Tuesday night gunfire erupted in the Hall Manor section of Harrisburg. Around 2:30 police tired to serve a warrant to 24 year old Able Roman, wanted for an alleged attempted homicide out of Philadelphia, he then barricaded himself inside an apartment. That’s when the standoff started. It included hundreds of shots fired and a police officer suffering an injury to his hand.

Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick says it ended when a robot was sent into the apartment where he says Roman shot himself.

Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson calling for a nationwide ban on assault riffles. She also says she wants to start a task force against violence in Harrisburg.

” You can`t legislate morality. That`s why ministers are going to be involved. That`s why I said a number of people are going to be involved in this. Sometimes it boils down to being bankrupt spiritually. So this is a smorgasbord coalition I`m going to build because all this needs to be all hands on deck with this coalition,” says Thompson

The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing. Police say the officer injured in the standoff is doing well.

A standoff and firefight between police in Harrisburg and a wanted man turns deadly.  Police and the suspect, 24-year-old Abel Roman, fired at each other for nine hours which included dozens of rounds.  In the end, Roman was found dead inside a Hall Manor apartment and a police officer was shot in the hand.

The scene is much quieter than just a few hours ago.  Gunfire rang out for almost a nine hour stretch in this section of Hall Manor in Harrisburg.  People around the scene were even evacuated.

The Dauphin County Quick Response Team converged on 15th and Sycamore Streets around 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon.  Police were serving a warrant on 24-year-old Abel Roman from Philadelphia.  He was wanted for an attempted homicide in Philly.

Police tried to bring him into custody and that’s when the battle began.  The suspect and police exchanged gunfire for hours.  Harrisburg Police brought in help from Dauphin, York and Lancaster Counties to assist in the gun battle.

The Dauphin County District Attorney called this “a firefight” at times.  In the process of the fighting, a Harrisburg Police officer was shot in the hand.  Neighbors say the situation was complete chaos.

“Our officers were fired upon multiple times both in the front and the rear, our vehicles were struck, one officer was hit,” said Chief Robert Martin, Susquehanna Twp. Police.

“We’ve had the crisis response team for over 20 years and without a doubt  this is the most shots that have ever been fired at our officers,” said Ed Marsico, Dauphin County District Attorney

after losing contact with the suspect, police entered the home to find Abel Roman dead inside.  It’s unclear if Roman shot himself or if he was hit by a police bullet during the firefight.  Police say he had at least one shotgun and plenty of ammunition.

The investigation is continuing throughout the night to try and piece the events together.  The Dauphin County Criminal Investigation Unit is handling the investigation because it was a police involved shooting.  Police believe that Roman was staying with an acquaintance here in Harrisburg.

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Hall Manor Standoff Over

From Trang Do on the scene.

Suspect in Hall Manor standoff in Harrisburg, Abel Roman, is dead. Police not yet releasing if it was from self-inflicted or gunshot from officers.

Police officer injured in standoff was wounded in the hand. He’s expected to be fine and released tonight.

Fox43 News will have the very latest starting at 5am on FOX43 Morning News.

From Trang Do on the scene.

11:20pm: Robot with camera sent into home at Hall Manor in HBG where suspect is refusing to surrender. Standoff is past the 8 hour mark

10:30pm: CERT team warning suspect to come out of the house or a chemical agent will be sprayed inside #HallManor standoff #HBG

9:50pm: Negotiators on bullhorn ordering suspect to surrender; more shots fired #HallManor standoff #HBG

8:45pm Gunshots going off at #HallManor in #Hbg very tense situation as police try to get standoff suspect to surrender.

One police officer has been shot and the injuries are not life threatening.  You can follow Trang Do on Twitter or Trang Do Fox43 on facebook

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Shots Fired at Harrisburg Standoff

Multi shots can heard at a police standoff in Harrisburg.  City police along a SWAT team have surrounded a home at Hall Manor where a homicide suspect has reportedly barricaded himself. Several Hall Manor homes have been evacuated.  The incident began earlier Monday afternoon.

Local News

Standoff In Hall Manor

A police incident is going on right now in Harrisburg.  A man is reportedly barricaded in an apartment in the Hall Manor area of the city and police are attempting to talk him into surrendering.  Nearby homes have been evacuated.