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What do you got to lose?

A month long experiment testing the diet pills Garcinia Cambogia.

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McCall’s Blog

weightI am finally done taking the Garcinia Cambogia diet pills but not because I finished the bottle, I quit about a week ago taking the dietary supplement. I wasn’t losing any weight and I was getting more stomach aches.

Not to mention, adding insult to injury… I came home one night from work to find ANOTHER bottle had been mailed to me. Even though you click on the one trial bottle, the company will still continue to charge your credit card and automatically ship the product.

I understand there are some guidelines and you need to read the fine print but still there are times where you could overlook something.

Even though the pills didn’t work out, it did teach me and at times made me feel guilty to try to cheat the system. There isn’t a magic potion out there to slim you down, it comes from hard work in the gym and eating right.  I learned a lot about how to eat better and not to use a hectic schedule as an excuse.

Thanks for following along and if you have any questions about the experience feel free to e-mail at

fruitMcCall’s Blog:

It has been fourteen days and the Garcinia Cambogia diet pills are not living up to the hype. I knew starting these pills, there would be very little chance they would work but nonetheless it is frustrating.

I had my second visit to Dr. Drake DeHart’s office and I was shocked. I had not only gained four ounces but my blood pressure was higher this time around.

I was surprised because this past week, I didn’t have much of an appetite and I had actually been eating more healthy than usual. Dr. DeHart recommends to eat a breakfast with more protein and eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.

But timeout here!

The whole selling point to these pills was that I wouldn’t have to adjust my diet or eating habits. Doc also asked if I was experiencing any mood swings….Yes, I have but its only the anger stemming from what seems to be false advertisement.

Maybe things will improve before the next visit in two weeks. Happy or unhappy dieting !!

McCall’s Blog:

It’s been a week since I began taking the Garcinia Cambogia diet pills and I have lost about two pounds.

Even though, I haven’t drop the pounds, I’m noticing a change in my appetite. I am not nearly as hungry as often during the day. When eating a meal, I can’t eat too much too fast or my stomach will cramp up and make me slow down.

I love drinking diet sodas but I have not been craving to drink them nearly as much since I have been taking the diet pills. The heat wave could be a factor that I have been drinking water and ice tea in its place.

I have made a trip to Dr. Drake DeHart’s office in York County. He gave me a lot of valuable information about using the supplements and how it can vary from person to person. Dr. DeHart told me the main thing is to keep my blood pressure regulated which let me tell you, is easier said than done while working in a newsroom but I am willing to give it a shot. So far, after the first visit all of my vitals are in tact.

I had to step on that dreaded scale during my doctor’s visit. I will let you know if I lose anymore weight but for now, only the Doc knows those official and somewhat humbling digits.

Dr. DeHart recommends while  taking the diet pills to step on the scale more often than usual because it will keep me in check as I go through the diet process. Again, easier said than done because weighing myself on a routine basis doesn’t exactly brighten my day but these are tips that could help me in the long run after Garcinia Cambogia is gone.

I also have to mention, this story is quite the conversation among my co-workers they have been asking how I have been feeling and sometimes, I feel like they look at me as if I am ready to explode.

It’s been an interesting start and looking forward to checking in again next week.

weightIt’s time to test the Garcinia Cambogia.

The first day of taking the diet pills and I have not dropped a pound, I am already thinking refund…just kidding. You are required to take two pills per day. I will try to stay on the same schedule as much as possible, taking one in the morning and one in evening.

I want to let people know, this is not a gimmick or publicity for this brand. It has been a product that I saw on Dr. Oz and read about in Women’s Health Magazine where one of their editors tested it out as well.

So far, I haven’t felt anything out of the normal such as headaches or nausea but feel somewhat hazy an hour after taking one.

Also after the first pill while I was driving on my way to work, I saw a McDonald’s sign and instantly craved a cheeseburger. Now I haven’t wanted to eat a burger since my college days which has been quite some time ago. I am beginning to wonder, am I the anti-dieter?!

We will see next week, if I shed any weight from a week of taking the pills or this is will turn into the documentary “Super Size Me.”

Disclaimer: these are my own thoughts and feeling about the pills, it does not reflect the station. I do enjoy making fun of myself to get a laugh.

Local News

What do you got to lose? Garcinia Cambogia

weightThere is no denying it, dieting is never easy and there is always a trade-off. But a new trend is gaining national attention that guarantees to be that quick fix to drop the pounds.

It’s called Garcinia Cambogia and it is a small, pumpkin-shaped fruit, the extract for the pill comes from the rind of the fruit.

Researchers claim it helps block fat and it suppresses your appetite. So now that you have the background, the next step is going online. We purchased  In spite of the hype, dietitians like Allie Hardy don’t see  it as the best way to slim down.

“One of the things we tend to notice is that people are losing weight very quickly which they tend to think is such a great thing,” says registered dietitian Allie Hardy,  “they lose three to five pounds in a week, they think ‘Biggest Loser Style’ if you will. The reason it’s not healthy is because you aren’t losing just fat, you are losing water and muscle mass.

Hardy makes a great point that because of today’s technology you can also download apps in your phone to track what you eat. I will also be blogging about the diet pill and if it really works for me.