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statepolicebadgePennsylvania State Police announced today that during Operation Sunrise on February 6th, 21-year old Eli Samuel Diaz-Morciglio was arrested on a felony drug charge in York City. He was taken to York County Prison for possession and intent to distribute heroin on $80,000 bail.

Through an anonymous tip, police were notified that 23-year old Emmanuel Martinez-Vargas was in York City and was wanted by police in Puerto Rico for a 2011 homicide in San Juan. The United States Marshall Service was contacted and after investigating, confirmed that Martinez-Vargas had been living in York City for 18 months under the name Eli Samuel Diaz-Morciglio.

Martinez-Vargas will be charged as a Fugitive from Justice and will face charges of False Reports for supplying an alias to State Police Troopers. He is currently in York County Prison on $1 million bail where he will stay until he is taken back to Puerto Rico to face the Homicide charges.

Local News

Massive drug bust in York

More than 60 people have been taken into custody and police are looking for more than 30 more people involved in a massive drug ring in York.  Overall, more than 80 people have been or will be charged as part of Operation Sunrise. The drug 18- month drug sting includes two phases: the first is the 18- month investigation focusing on identifying targets, gathering intelligence and making controlled purchases of heroin and cocaine.  Investigators also looked into how gang activity played a role in these activities. Police say suspects have affiliations with three street gangs including the Latin Kings, Bloods and Crips.

Phase 2 began Wednesday February 6, 2013. Police, swat teams, and even helicopters scoured city blocks arresting more than 60 people, with more than 30 still at large. They are charging more than 80 people in the alleged drug ring. “We do have people and connections here to other counties, and we’re following those up as well. What will we do in the future or what will we do to ensure these people don’t continue? Hopefully they’re going to get long prison sentences out of this, and they’re not going to be in this community for a while,” said Pennsylvania State Police Captain Steve Junkin.

At a press conference on Thursday York County District Attorney Tom Kearney said this is one of the largest busts in the area. “In my ten years as District Attorney this is the largest investigation sweep that we’ve had. I’m told it’s not the largest but it’s one of the largest. We got all levels of dealers. Both from the 15 to 20 dollar street corner guy to the fellow who is importing,” said DA Tom Kearney. “I want to stress that we got raw heroin, un-packaged heroin. That’s indicative of importing to us.”

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Investigators hope this cleans up the streets. “I suspect that there are a lot of people showing up in the emergency room today being sick, looking for their fix,” said Kearney.

“That’s the purpose of this thing. To try and help the regular citizens so they don’t have to look out their windows, have their kids covered all the time because of bullets,” said Junkin.

If you have any information, please call: 1-800-4PA-TIPS (1-800-472-8477).

Local News

Press conference on York City drug bust

Press conference with State Police and York District Attorney on massive drug bust in York City.

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State troopers arrested more than thirty people and seized drugs, guns, cash, and weapons in a sting operation in york city this morning.

Troopers are working with several local agencies and the York County Drug Task Force to serve 80 warrants as a result of an 18-month sting operation.

York County DA Tom Kearney says they’re looking to arrest several people involved with the city’s drug trade.

Troopers went door to door taking suspects into custody and used a chopper to track others down.

After 18 months of investigations police moved to serve 80 warrants in York City Wednesday morning. Officers from Pennsylvania State Police, York City Police and other agencies combed the streets searching for the known suspects. A PSP helicopter was in the air for much of the morning as the operation was carried out. Police haven’t released information about the crimes the suspects have committed.

More details are expected to be released at a news conference with State Police Thursday morning. FOX43 WPMT will bring you more information as it becomes available.