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We go to Regents Glen Country Club in York County for the Sutliff Chevrolet FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  PGA Pro Tommy Moore gives us a tip on proper club selection around the green.

Tommy Moore, Regents Glen CC Head Pro
“If you watch on golf on TV, I am sure that you have seen this next shot.  Its chipping with a hybrid.  I urge every golfer that is having trouble chipping the traditional way to come to their bag and pull their hybrid out.  The hybrid will allow the ball to roll along the grass blade as opposed to a putter.  Some people would choose a putter here but its not nearly enough club to get the ball on the green.  So when you are faced with a chip of 30 feet or more, don’t be afraid to get your hybrid, set up to the ball and execute a putting stroke.  That’s all there is to it.  One easy efficient movement and you will be on the green in no time.  Just like that and you will have success too.”

We head to Dicks in Springettsbury Township, York County for the Sutliff Chevy FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.   The topic is learning how to stop that slice when using driver off the tee.

Dan Baker, Dick’s Golf Pro

“The tip this week is why the ball slices and the tip is how to correct it.  The golf ball slices at impact because when the club head comes in the face is open and the ball slices off and spins and causes that big curve. What you want to do, to hit the ball square, get your hands cocked as you are pulling down with your arms, and release the golf club and get it square.  What I see most amateurs do is when they get it to the top, they are pulling down and they don’t release the golf club in time and the club is wide open and the ball will spin to the right.  Get your hands about half-way in here and just learn to release the golf club.  Then you can take it back a little bit further and a little bit further each time and get that club to release and get it squared at impact.  Here at Dicks we have a full swing simulator that gives you all kinds of good information for distance carry, ball speed, roll, launch angle and back spin of the ball.  We use this quite often when we are fitting people for drivers to get them in the right spot. “


Golf Tip: Hitting a lofted shot

We head to Valley Green Golf Course in York County for the Sutliff Chevrolet FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.

Brian Davis, Valley Green Pro

Today we are working on high lofted shots around the green.  A lot of times when you are out on the golf course, you could get short sighted.  That means the pin will be somewhat close to you and the green will be running away.  Its a very hard shot to get up and down.  Today, we will learn how to get that up and down and knock some strokes off your score.

Approach the ball with a slightly open stance and then you open the club face slightly as well.  The key is to keep your left arm straight or your lead arm for your lefties.  So there is no wrist.  All you have to do is rock your shoulders.  Nice high lofted shot.  Oh baby, how easy is that?

The main thing you want to remember is hitting a high lofted shot or any wedge around the green is no wrists so right here, if you are fundamentally sound with the lead arm straight, rock the shoulders.  Hit a nice high lofted shot and trickle it down there close to the pin.

So to the guys and girls out there.  If you stick to the fundamentals, a lot more of this will be happening to you.

We head to Heritage Hills in York County for the Sutliff Chevy FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.   We’re helping you with your putting skills as we use a drill called “lag” putting.

Bill Brander, Heritage Hills

“This is a little distance control thing that we do.  We are trying to get the ball past the hole on the 1st putt.  It will roll right into view.  So I want to hit the 2nd one and I want to be about 10 feet short.  Thats pretty good.  This is a drill where I practice different distances and I did leave that one about 5 feet short.  So if you practice this on the practice green, you will be much better on the golf course.”


Golf Tip: Hitting a straighter drive

We’re at the Golf Academy at Royal Manchester Golf Course for the Sutliff Chevy FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  Joining us now is their head pro, Kieron Mooney.  Kieron, whats the tip?

Kieron Mooney, PGA Professional, Royal Manchester Golf Course

“Bill, we are going to help people from slicing that ball.  Quite honestly, you need to get the face to come from this angle right here, pointing up, slightly toed in.  And when you are coming back down towards the golf ball, you need to release to the left side, which will square the face up.  So at impact when you come through, that face needs to be going up at that angle and not that.  That will stop it from going to the right.  I will try to hit one for you.  Just keep everything moving to the left side.”

We go to Bridges Golf Club in Adams County for the Sutliff Chevrolet FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.

PGA Apprentice, Aaron Furhman

“Getting up and down is the most important part of the chip shot.  You always have to get it close as possible to have an easy putt.  To do that you can always setup  most consistently as possible by making sure your weight is left and your stance is open to where you want to go. You also want to make sure your weight is on your left side and your distribution should be about 60- 40.  I laid this head cover down here so that you will always be able to keep your weight forward and if I sway back I will hit the head cover and it will look something like this.”

We go to Regents’ Glen Country Club in York County for the Sutliff Chevrolet FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  We help you hit longer off the tee.

Tommy Moore, Head PGA Golf Professional, Regents’ Glen

“My most major request on any clinic or lesson is, how do I hit it longer off the tee?  With 3 easy tips I will have you hitting the ball longer without swinging harder or faster.

The 1st point is ball position.  The ideal ball position for hitting it longer is off the inside front foot.  We get into a position that sets us up off the inside position front leg.  That, coupled with a slight shoulder tilt or bump, in which I drop the right shoulder creating an upward motion towards the ball at impact.

This encourages the 3rd point in which we want to swing up on the ball.”

Getting out of the bunker Monday 7/29

We go to Regents’ Glen Country Club in York County for the Sutliff Chevrolet FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  We help you leave the bunker with one easy stroke.

Tommy Moore, Head PGA Golf Professional, Regents’ Glen

“The bunker shot is the only shot in golf where we don’t want the ball striking the ball directly. The whole concept behind the correct bunker shot is to take the sand between the club face and the ball and carry both of those out of the bunker. It should look something like this.  Keep that simple thought in mind.  Carry the ball and the sand out between the club face and you will be out every time.”


Golf Tip of the Week: “Lag Putting”

We head to Tanglewood GC in Quarryville, Lancaster County, for the Sutliff Chevrolte FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  We help you sink that putt by using a good practice technique.

Rich Carr, Tanglewood GM

“The tip this week, we are going to talk about lag putting.  What we do is lay a club on the green, maybe 30, 20, 40 feet away from where we are going to putt from and we barely try to hit the club with our putt.  The tip is to make sure we realize how far back, we are taking the club so that we can accurately judge our lag putts.”

We’re at Tanglewood Golf Club in Lancaster County for the Sutliff Chevrolet FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  Joining us now is their general manager, Rich Carr.

Rich Carr, Tanglewood PGA GM

“Today we are going to talk about the ball being below our feet.  So if you look at it directionally, its almost like airplanes.  When the ball is below our feet, the ball will tend to go right.  When the ball is above our feet as the airplane wings, we tend to go left.  The tip is to maintain your spine angle throughout the swing. “