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This week, the FOX43 Sutliff Chevrolet Golf Tip of the Week takes us to the  Hotel Hershey in Dauphin County on their new putting course.  Jeff Batchelor, teaching pro from Hershey Country Club helps us to make those short but very important putts.

Jeff Batchelor, Teaching Pro, Hershey Country Club

“The tip today is that we are going to work on your 3 and 4 foot putts.   I see a lot of amateur golfers hitting the ball straight down the fairway, hitting a great shot onto the green and then they get to their putt and this is for their par putt and then they hit it 2 feet past.”

“What we do to fix that and to train ourselves to make a better putt, we actually take our pitching wedge, mine is 36 inches long and then we take the golf ball and line it up, using the line of the ball in the middle.  We are going to start just under 3 feet, keep your putter head flat on the green and your eyes on the ball  and I’m just going to take my putter head down through the shaft and through.  Once I get that, then I move all the way back but this one is more difficult.  I don’t have the shaft of the pitching wedge in the backstroke to guide me.  I go straight back and I go straight through.  You want to hold your finish when you are doing this and almost listen for the ball to go into the hole.  That will keep your head still and hopefully and that will help you make some putts when you are in close.”


They say “Drive for show and putt for dough.”; this week, Bill Toth makes sure you can sink it when it counts in this week’s FOX43 Golf Tip of The Week!

This week, the FOX43 Sutliff Chevrolet Golf Tip of the Week heads to Dauphin Highlands Golf Course in Dauphin County.  We learn how a dollar bill can help you leave the sand and reach the green.

Tim Birney, Director of Instruction, Dauphin Highlands Golf Course

“My tip is related to how much sand, before and after the ball you want to hit and I use a dollar bill as my guide because that’s how forward and behind the ball the club should come in to hit the shot.

I use an open stance, a lot of people play the ball, not enough forward.  A lot of people play the ball in the back of their stance, I play it forward and I want to get a cushion of sand.  So if you keep your blade open and you can hold sand on it, that’s how wide open you want this club.
I use the leading edge, I line up, and  I take a more vertical swing.  You want a steeper angle because we are at a green side bunker and we need more elevation so I’m going to stand here, dig in, take a more vertical swing.
Try to think of a dollar bill underneath your golf ball when you are hitting the shots out of the sand.”

Local News

FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week: Chipping

The FOX43 Sutliff Chevrolet tip of the week comes from Outdoor Country Club in York County.  The topic is chipping.

Jason Gebhart, Outdoor Country Club PGA Pro

“I’m short of the green here so I’m going to hit a shot that’s going to go low and then roll out.  My choice of club is going to be a 9 iron and pitching wedge so when I hit this, I’m going to line up my back foot directly with the golf ball.  My feet are going to be close together, my weight is going to be on my front foot and when I hit the shot, I am not going to use my wrists.  My wrsists are going to stay flat and the ball will come out low and roll.  If you follow these tips, it will help you get up and down more often.”

We go to Out Door Country Club in York County for the Sutliff Chevrolet FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  Joining us now is their Head PGA Pro, Jason Gebhart.

Jason Gebhart, Out Door CC PGA Pro

“The tip for this week is hitting from the fairway bunker.  So if we are going to hit a fairway bunker shot, unlike a greenside bunker shot, we actually want to make sure that we hit the ball on this shot.  The 2nd thing is we want to make sure that we take enough club to get over the front lip.  But from a technical standpoint, we want to make sure that we play the ball in the back of our stance.  Our weight will be a little forward to make sure that we hit down on the ball.  And from there we are going to try to pick the ball off the sand.”

It’s nice to think that every drive will land in the fairway and that every approach shot will end up on the green.  In reality, it’s easy to get into trouble on the golf course.  This week’s Sutliff Chevrolet FOX43 Golf Tip takes us to Cool Creek Golf Club in Wrightsville, York County and helps you recover from a sticky situation.

Cool Creek Golf Club General Manager and PGA Professional Nate Blanchette.

“We are talking about a trouble tip today.  Your ball comes through the green and it rests up against the collar of the rough, the fringe of the rough.  How do we get that ball to the hole as close as possible?
You want to go into your bag and grab something with a decent amount of loft, probably about a 56 degree wedge.  As you approach the ball, you want to make sure that your hands are choked up as much as possible on that grip.  When you take your stance, you want to make sure that your body is opened up about 40 degrees to your target.  When you set the club down, its obviously going to be at a higher area on that golf ball, usually around the equator of the ball, which is where we want it.  We are just going to make a putting stroke and let that ball get in the way and run towards your target.”

“We are here at Regents Glen Country Club for the Sutliff Chevrolet, FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  Joining us now is their head PGA pro, Tommy Moore.  Tommy, whats the tip?”

Tommy Moore, Regents Glen CC, Head PGA Pro

“Today’s tip is called practicing with a purpose.  Many times I see an amateur come to the range and I see them take one club, they step up and they hit 30, 40 balls with one club.  So I try to make it a habit to pull a couple of clubs.  Maybe I pull my 7 iron, come back over and pull out a pitching wedge and even a driver.  What I try to do at the point is to hit one shot with each club.

I’m going to hit my first ball with a driver.  I’m going to step up, address the ball and I am going to put my tee swing on it.

Now, I’m going to make it a point to grab my pitching wedge and automatically my body is going to start to adjust to the shorter club, the new ball positioning.  I will now step in, get comfortable with my wedge and hit a wedge shot.

If you can make your practice session, switching between clubs, you’ll be on your way.  I call it practicing with a purpose.”

We go to Regents Glen Country Club in York County for the Sutliff Chevrolet FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  PGA Pro Tommy Moore gives us a tip on proper club selection around the green.

Tommy Moore, Regents Glen CC Head Pro
“If you watch on golf on TV, I am sure that you have seen this next shot.  Its chipping with a hybrid.  I urge every golfer that is having trouble chipping the traditional way to come to their bag and pull their hybrid out.  The hybrid will allow the ball to roll along the grass blade as opposed to a putter.  Some people would choose a putter here but its not nearly enough club to get the ball on the green.  So when you are faced with a chip of 30 feet or more, don’t be afraid to get your hybrid, set up to the ball and execute a putting stroke.  That’s all there is to it.  One easy efficient movement and you will be on the green in no time.  Just like that and you will have success too.”

We head to Dicks in Springettsbury Township, York County for the Sutliff Chevy FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.   The topic is learning how to stop that slice when using driver off the tee.

Dan Baker, Dick’s Golf Pro

“The tip this week is why the ball slices and the tip is how to correct it.  The golf ball slices at impact because when the club head comes in the face is open and the ball slices off and spins and causes that big curve. What you want to do, to hit the ball square, get your hands cocked as you are pulling down with your arms, and release the golf club and get it square.  What I see most amateurs do is when they get it to the top, they are pulling down and they don’t release the golf club in time and the club is wide open and the ball will spin to the right.  Get your hands about half-way in here and just learn to release the golf club.  Then you can take it back a little bit further and a little bit further each time and get that club to release and get it squared at impact.  Here at Dicks we have a full swing simulator that gives you all kinds of good information for distance carry, ball speed, roll, launch angle and back spin of the ball.  We use this quite often when we are fitting people for drivers to get them in the right spot. “