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Super Bowl 47

Super Bowl 47 will be played in New Orleans, LA on February 3, 2013.  Baltimore Ravens vs  San Fransisco 49ers.  More information and events click here.

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What will the Ravens Super Bowl ring look like?

Expect the Ravens’ Super Bowl XLVII ring to be blinging.

Owner Steve Bisciotti and Team President Dick Cass revealed a couple details of what the ring will look like during Thursday’s State of the Ravens press conference.

Bisciotti said the only thing that has been decided so far is that it will be white gold instead of yellow gold, at the request of players and coaches. It’s also Bisciotti’s preference.

Read more here.


Super Bowl outage blamed on electrical relay device

(CNN) — The cause of Sunday’s power outage at the Super Bowl in New Orleans has been traced to an electrical relay device, Entergy New Orleans Inc. announced Friday.

The device has been removed from service and replacement equipment is being evaluated, the company said in a news release.

The 35-minute electrical outage at the Superdome set off a storm of social media amusement among viewers and inspired advertising tweets with blackout twists.

By Matt Vensel, The Baltimore Sun – The NFL has released some intimate audio and video from the sidelines of Super Bowl XLVII, and one of the most interesting exchanges was filmed on the Ravens sideline before the final play of Baltimore’s 34-31 win.

As Sam Koch prepared to boot a free kick to San Francisco 49ers return Ted Ginn Jr., quarterback Joe Flacco told his teammates to run onto the field and tackle Ginn if it looked like he was going to score. This, of course, is illegal and could have resulted in an automatic touchdown, but Flacco wasn’t sure about the rule.

Here is the transcription of the audio courtesy of Yahoo Sports’s excellent NFL blog Shutdown Corner (and here is a video of it):

“If he starts to break it, go tackle him,” Flacco said to Dennis Pitta.

“Really?” the tight end responded.

“I don’t know … I mean … what else can they … they might be able to give them a touchdown on that? I don’t know,” Flacco told Pitta.

Flacco then approached the offensive linemen with his new tactic.

“Hey! If he breaks this … if he busts it for some reason? Tackle him! Go tackle him,” Flacco said to guard Marshal Yanda and center Matt Birk. “I don’t know what the rule is on that, but…”

“Why don’t you?” Yanda asked.

“I’m going to!” Flacco said.

Flacco wanted to win a Lombardi Trophy so badly, he actually might have been serious. Thankfully for the Ravens and their fans, linebacker Josh Bynes tackled Ginn before Flacco did it himself.

No doubt the stores and shelves are stocked with Super Bowl XLVII merchandise and memorabilia.   Here’s a souvenir option that benefits the Make A Wish Foundation.   Only 5,000 of these commemorative footballs are being sold.   As of Tuesday afternoon, only 1,500 were left.   You can get all of the purchase information by calling 1-800-345-2868 or go online at

super bowl football

It was complete pandemonium at M & T Bank Stadium.  Over 90 thousand fans brave the cold weather and come out very early to see the Super Bowl champs, the Baltimore Ravens.

Joe Flacco, Ravens QB

“Baltimore, we did it.”

Peter Graham, Ravens fan

“Its ridiculous, its like a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Kara Stiers, Ravens fan

“Its amazing, its been a long time coming”

What is it like to see the Super Bowl champs?

“Its incredible, I am really loving this.”

Michael Alexander, Ravens fan

“Its electrifying, its so exciting, we are 2 time world champs.”

Ed Reed, Ravens safety

“Who do they think going to beat those Ravens?”

Peter Graham, Ravens fan

“Oh man, its exciting, I have been waiting so long for this, 12 long years.  This guy here.  We were the 1st one at the gates.”

Kara Stiers, Ravens fan

“Its me an a couple thousand of my best friends so we are keeping warm together.”

John Harbaugh, Ravens Head Coach

“The city is going crazy for the Ravens, the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.”

Ray Lewis, Ravens LB

“This team was destined to go and win the Super Bowl.”

Peter Graham, Ravens fan

“Nothing is going to stop us.  We always support them.  They are always out here fighting so we will come up here and support them.”

Joe Flacco, Ravens QB

“Super Bowl champs baby.  This is for you guys.  We have been through a lot this year, a lot of highs, a couple lows.  You guys have stood there through it all.”

“We are the best fans in the NFL.  Ravens nation, on top baby,”

John Harbaugh, Ravens Head Coach

“We talk about the team, look around.  This is the team.  This whole stadium is packed with the Baltimore Raven team, together.”

This celebration proved at least one thing.  The Ravens and their fans are one team, they are the world champions.

Extra video and sound of todays celebration at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore

Ravens fever has reached new levels after their big Super Bowl win. At Dick’s in York County, they open their doors at 6am so fans can get their Super Bowl merchandise.

“Go Ravens!”

Troy from Red Lion, is pumped up and so are these fans.  They flock together to get championship gear for family and friends.  Hoping to convert some, from one bird to another.

Tasha Corwell, Ravens fan from York

“I’m out shopping for my husband who is an Eagles fan.  Hopefully he will become a Ravens fan.  I’m going to get him a shirt whether he likes it or not and my kids, getting them the Ravens stuff.”

The big win gives bragging rights too.  These guys can’t wait to show off their new threads, to friends who may root for some Baltimore rivals.

Cameron Miller, Ravens fan from York

“It will be great cause they are Steelers fans and Patriots fans and we beat all of them so its great.”

Todd Miller, Ravens fan from York

“Certainly when it comes to the Steelers, I love it.  Now we are at championship 2 so we have some catching up to do but it was great.”

A victory parade hosted by the City of Baltimore and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake will be held for the Super Bowl XLVII Champion Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday, February 5.Beginning with an introduction from Mayor Rawlings-Blake at City Hall, the Ravens’ parade will kick off at 10:45 a.m. From City Hall, the parade will proceed south on Commerce Street, continue to Pratt and Howard Streets, and end at M&T Bank Stadium.Beginning at approximately at 12:30 p.m., fans are encouraged to attend a celebration featuring the team and live entertainment at M&T Bank Stadium. The event will be held rain or shine and is free for all fans. Concessions, merchandise and restrooms will be available at the stadium.Parking for the stadium celebration is free in lots F, G, H & J and will open at 9:00 a.m. No tailgating will be permitted in these lots. Fans may enter M&T Bank Stadium through gates A, B, C & D beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Media will be permitted to park in Lot D at the stadium and must present an outlet identification card/badge for admittance.


Super Bowl XLVII Champion Ravens players, coaches and staff
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-BlakeWhat:

Ravens Super Bowl Victory Parade & Celebration

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
10:45 a.m. – Parade begins at City Hall
12:30 p.m. – Celebration festivities begin at M&T Bank Stadium

Baltimore City Hall (parade start)
M&T Bank Stadium (parade finish/celebration)

To view a route map, click here.

Local News

Fans celebrate Ravens win

With the Baltimore Ravens big Super Bowl win  Fans are out showing their colors and celebrating. “I’m feeling like a winner today. In fact I’m getting ready to go to work. I have my purple on and I’m ready to walk in and say good morning everybody,” said fan Connie Briscoe.

“It was awesome. It was definitely very, very cool. I couldn’t stop screaming,” said fan Jeff Freeland. “We just came from the mall and everyone in the mall has Ravens attire on. Go Ravens! We are just buying Ravens gear and getting ready to go down to the parade tomorrow.”

From the blackout to the close score, fans say the game didn’t come without some suspense. “I was concerned about the power outage, you know that 30 minute break. The Ravens got a little bit of older defense and you know everything was going well for them. I think what happened was it gave San Francisco a little time to regroup and come up with a different game plan and as we saw they turned it into a very close game,” said fan Rick Carnell.

Like many fans Carnell plans to keep the celebration going. “Actually I’m heading down there tomorrow night. We’re going to get together in Annapolis and so we’re going to carry this party, we’re going to continue the party on and their celebration.”

The Ravens parade will take place Tuesday at City Hall in Baltimore at 10:45 a.m.